Phenominal Female – Simmoni!
Occassionally in life we meet a kindred spirit who can catch all of our jokes, debate topics fiercely, and still get us to crack a smile when we are down. I would like you all to meet my girl, Simmoni. She is an amazing mom, a fabulous wife, and that kindred spirit.
We went for a long time without talking after I graduated high school and moved away from our hometown.
We have had the chance to reconnect and I am so grateful.
You are a fabulous friend.
Thank you for participating in my Phenominal Female Friday!
1) Please share your first name, age, and occupation (if you have one).Simmoni, 28, Stay at home mom

2) Are you where you had dreamed when you were a child? Are you where you planned as a teenager?Absolutely not! I had big dreams of being a writer and traveling all over the world! I wanted that from the time I was kid, and even through my teenage years. Life has a funny way of showing you that sometimes what you want isn’t necessarily what you need.

3) Do you think that you are wiser for the things you have been through that got you here?Absolutely! Every situation is a potential lesson. If you walk away from a tragedy/triumph without ever having learned something from it… well you’ve missed the point completely.

4) What do you dream for your future?I don’t really know. I dream that my kids are healthy and happy. Basic things, but I realized a few months ago that I have not set future goals for myself. I feel so wrapped up in what is going on with my husband and kids that I often put myself aside. That isn’t good.

5) If there was one thing you could change about pop cultures’ philosophy of things what would it be? I think the message being sent about sex, love, and money is completely skewed. Here we have these Idols that spend money on frivolous material things, have affairs, fall in and out of love as often as they change underwear… it’s madness. I don’t think it conveys a realistic picture of what life is really about. It doesn’t set a good example of what relationships are about. It’s this “easy come, easy go” attitude and the people obsessed with celebrity believe that this is how the other half should be living. I don’t want that kind of influence on my kids. It highlights the fact that we have become a society of convenience and that people are just as expendable as a piece of garbage.

6) Do you allow what is popular to influence you? Explain either way.No way. I have never been the cool kid with the latest fashions, and best gadgets. I’m always shocked at how cool is linked to material things. I find people cool when they have a personality and a brain that they actually utilize. I doubt intelligence will ever be “in style”!

7) Who inspires you?People in general inspire me. I enjoy watching people. To see how they interact, talk to their kids, sit quietly… whatever. We are amazing creatures. It’s easy to be inspired by someone who has done something great, or who has a lot of notoriety. For some people, it might be difficult just to get through the day, and the fact that they manage to is amazing to me. I am more inspired by the minute details in life.

8) Do you think you inspire others? (If you got this then you do. :))I’m not sure. I doubt it. I’m okay with that. I think it takes a lot to impress and inspire people these days.

9) What do you think the secret to happiness is?Being okay with where you are in your journey through life. Things can be complicated, messy, unfair. I think as long as we can be okay with where we are, and know that we can improve on any situation, it enables us to be happy. My dad always told me that happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a choice.

10) Please share one life altering thought, concept, or event.I have always loved Socrates’s quote “Let him that would move the world first move himself”. This is one that you have to say repeatedly and really think about. I have gone on some amazing thought journeys because of this simple little statement. There are probably far better quotes, thoughts, ideas. This one is great because it is only seemingly simple. At some point, I realized that this quote is really quite complicated for such a small little sentence.

I am trying to convince Sim to participate in my little blog here. I hope she will. Please post comments to convince her!!!
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!
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