Some thoughts on Blessings

I just got an ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. It is coffee ice cream with butterfinger candy mixed in, and I don’t like it very much. I thought I would combine two of my favorite flavors and see what happens and it didn’t work. Then I took the elevator back to the 12th floor of this hospital and I sat for a moment in the Interfaith Chapel. It is a room designed for reflection. A gorgeous statue is in the corner and a circle of chairs should there be many people meeting in the space. I took a moment pausing to consider my blessings.

For starters it is a blessing to be a citizen of the United States. To live in a country that even though we are poor and I am unemployed my son still has the best healthcare available to him. The team of doctors that have worked on his case are some of the best you could hope for and I don’t have to stress over the fact that I can’t afford to pay. I have been thinking of the scene in “The Client” when the mom tells the doctors that she can’t afford to pay for anything and how they told her after 3 days that her son – even though he wasn’t better – would have to go home. If I were born someone else or if I were even in another state we would not be receiving this kind of care in this kind of hospital.

Then I thought of the child in the next room and realize that even as sick as Elijah has been he will be better within the month. He will have a 1 centimeter long scar on the palm of his hand that in time may even disappear. He may not even have memory of this event. But in the next room there are other kids with more serious problems. Kids who are battling for their lives and crying out so loud that at times I can hear them through the closed and sound proofed door. I walked through the 11th floor today on the way to get Elijah a donut and found that the 11th floor contained the pediatric onocology and pediatric cardiology departments. Who even wants to think about having to handle the possibility that their child would have those problems? So I passed through quietly and prayed for all the families that their children might be healed.

We must realize that just by living we are blessed. God has blessed us with the ability to impact the future and the gifts to function within the world today. The opportunity to obtain the knowledge to do what ever we want to do and the hutzpah to get it done. Watch the sunset, wait for the sunrise see it shine even before you see the light. Watch the snow fall and build a hill just by being. A hill that may not last forever, but it lasts for a time and is able to impact the world around just by being.


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