I have been bad this week! Long week. Elijah was released from the hospital after much discussion with the doctors on Wednesday afternoon and we FINALLY left New York Wednesday evening. Made it to Carlisle, PA before I HAD to pull over because I could barely hold my eyes open at midnight. That was a long day, but we were back on the road by 8 am. Drove through Virginia ALLLLL DAYYYY and had a few detours. Had to find a Wells Fargo bank and apparently there aren’t any RIGHT off the highway. Drove through the VMI campus…it was gorgeous. Finally made it to Bristol, VA/TN last night and we got there in time to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show..I may be the only one of my friends that still watches it, but I love it.

Luckily we made it before the storms hit, so we were safely tucked inside when that hit. Today we drove and drove and the boys were easy going enough that we have made it all the way to the Mississippi/Alabama border and tomorrow we will get to Houston. Woo Hoo! Should be in Burnet for a minute Sunday then I must drive to Kerrville for a bed the next two nights. The boys are looking forward to seeing their grandma’s but Omie has an extra room, and she has our things so we are going to be picking them up too.

(Yawn) back to the Purpose driven life next week, this week our purpose is to drive…a lot…total of around 2200 miles…til next time.

Smile – then you have laugh lines, not frown lines. 😛


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