March Rush

Ohhhh, when was my last update??? A week ago, um, maybe a week and a half ago. SO much has happened since then so here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

We made it to Houston and dropped off my soon to be ex-husband. I am a good wife, no a great wife and I couldn’t do it anymore and we couldn’t remain together anymore. It was impossible. Read a previous blog if you want a little back story there. But ever since things seem to be lighter. Life seems lighter less burdoned by things that I don’t agree with and don’t think that matter. We visited some friends and family that day and then we drove on…all the way back to home.

We arrived in our little town on Sunday at midnight 16 hours after we left the hotel in Alabama. We woke up in the morning and started life anew. We have a little house, not perfect, but good enough, and everything seems to just exude tranquility.

I don’t know what it is about a place that sits in your soul and beacons you to come back. You leave and you think you have to stay gone because you can’t do this or you can’t do that, but you have to figure out what is really important. Do you want to set your soul at rest or do you want to have things? One of the things that I am supposed to be working on is contentment and I think that if I am able to find my peace I am able to do and be more.

I have this friend who made the choice to follow his soul when he was 19. He doesn’t have a house, a family of his own, or anything more than his two bags will hold, but he is the most contented person I know. He spends his life working to better the lives of others all over the world and that life experience has brought him more than any single thing ever could. I would love to post one of his updates on this blog…they just finished their projects in Myanmar. I will ask him and you can read about how this guy helps thousands.

I continue to wonder about something and this is a very open thought that I don’t share with many people…how do you find a partner in life when you know people like this exist? They aren’t perfect, but they are about as close to it as any human could be. You can see things on an even playing field so you (I) choose someone completely different and it ends up in shambles. You’re better for knowing them, but you always compare others to what this person has accomplished simply because he wanted to help a few people in South America. There are just some things or people that effect your thought processes for the rest of your life and it makes me wonder…


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