Coming to you live from a state of confusion

What I would really like to pray to God for is a clear mind and the ability to discern what I should be doing just now. To be honest I just don’t know. I haven’t decided if I was on the right path or if that path was the wrong path. Something tells me if I had been working my 40 days program I would have a better idea. Se la vie.

Here in short is the problem…I have accepted a position with a small firm in my hometown, I have gotten a house, daycare, school, and all of the things that create a home in that little town. But I have been delayed in beginning my job for a month. Every week it is something different and we are officially broke. I have to work and I have barely survived on my unemployment for three months now. Enter the best fmily on the planet and the opportunity to live amongst my friends in a community I have come to know as my home. And several wonderful employment prospects…

What to do ditch the first option or try number two…I don’t know. Leaning towards number two but I don’t want to seem like a total flake. I am not a flake but kids, work, and moving on with life come before someone else’s impression of me.


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