I love this town…

So I haven’t made it home yet. In a manner of speaking. I wonder if I don’t mind not being home because this is home. This land of factories, plants, highways, and people…millions of people. I love the smog and the confusion. I love the fact that it takes two hours to drive across our fair city because it has sprawled and become the megalapolis that it is. For much of the last ten years I despised the very place I lived only to leave and miss everything about it.

I love the view from the highway in the middle of downtown. I love the view from the light rail platform in front of of Macy’s on Main. I love slow walks through the park at sunset just before settling in for a picnic and a free symphony performance. I love the view from Chase tower and the scents that permeate the air in front of Chase tower. I jumped for joy when a big Target was installed a mile outside of downtown and across White Oak Bayou from the Heights. I love the exersize path on Heights. The crazy yuppies with their old fashioned yet expensive homes in a mostly depressed area. If you haven’t ventured past 22nd street on Shepard sometime maybe you should. That is where more real people live. I promise they are there. There is also a motel where you can pay by the week to pretend that you live some place toney like the Heights.

Or you can turn the other way on Heights and drive a little to reach Montrose…visit the Magick Cauldron and have some lukomates at Niko Niko’s. Walk down Westheimer and visit all the funky shops, hop on a Metro bus and just explore. If you don’t like visiting places then just ride the bus and experience the city, your city…my city. Watch the lady who is covered head to toe (even in the middle of the summer) she wears stockings and socks and hats and scarfs and giant sunglasses. She is always amused by something but speaks to no one. Watch as you drive through parts of the city you didn’t know existed. Hop off the bus at Central Market and just walk around gathing your picnic for the symphony but try delicate treats and have a cup of coffee. All gratis of course.

I love this city. I just didn’t know how much for a long time. Am I home or am I visiting?


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