Life is funny: Contentment

Things always have a cause and effect. Things like dropping the glass and spilling the milk, trying to walk and falling down, but also major life changing decisions that don’t work out. We all make them every day. We wake up we make a few decisions and then – BAM – we are different. One of my favorite quotes is from Lillian Gershwin, “People change all the time and forget to tell eachother.”

That is so true, but it doesn’t hit on how fast life can change you. It doesn’t say wake up, drink coffee, learn something new and – whoa what happened. I changed today. I realized that it’s not about being perfect. I know I am not perfect I don’t try to be, but I know people who do try. Try like hell to be the perfect wife, mother, father, employee, body weight, or even Christian. We(all of us on the planet) we are all imperfect and that is what makes sense.

This is the true challenge in life, to maintain a contentment with who you are on the inside. The trick is finding what makes you content, maybe it is the discontent of existence and the ever changing inexactitude that creates your contentment. For me it is writing a few words every once in a while, playing with my sons, a good book, a great movie, time with family, chats with friends, and random acts of kindness.

What makes you content? What drives you? What is your pursuit of happiness that makes your heart sing?


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