Hold on to your dreams

“One day my prince will come, one day I’ll find someone…” I think that was Sleeping Beauty’s dream. She knew that one day a man would walk into her life and make all her dreams come true. She and her prince went through their trials but eventually they got to their happily ever after.

This week Kate Middleton is marrying Prince William, and I think their dreams of happily ever after are coming through for them. It is harder to do that in the real world, but here’s to hoping.

And my mom is earning her Masters in social work. (Not this week, but next month.) She has finally finished. I was reading the post on ther facebook about her upcoming graduation party and reading all the posts and one of them reminds me of what you can accomplish if you hang on to your dreams. It was from one of my mother’s oldest friends. It spoke about their life in 1985 when their husbands (now ex’s) were working and they were sitting outside contemplating what they should have done and their dreams of finishing college. (It didn’t say what they should have done, but many of us know that is included on occassion when discussing our dreams.)

We are going to skip all the messy parts here in the middle and jump to the end…(some day folks we will share more of these very messy parts, but today is not that day.) A few years ago, my mom’s friend finally became an BSN-RN and is working on completing her masters. In 2008, my mother completed her college degree and started her masters. So what does all this mean in the realm of this blog…

Hold on to your dreams. Reach for them because no matter when you start or what you encounter along the way, with a little perseverance you will make it…don’t think for one second that just because things are rough now they won’t get better. Don’t hesitate when something happens out of chance and it’s good. Hold on to the good, forget the bad. If you look around and don’t see much good maybe it’s time to reevaluate and change. 1985 to 2011…if you start what you were thinking about yesterday, today, all you will finish is one day later than if you had started yesterday, but the point is that you would have finished.


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