Day NINE: What makes God smile?

Life update…not much going on. The boys are getting older every day and I hate it. Soon Elijah will start school – real school, and Michael is a year old in July. Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday I was a kid myself. I go back to school in September since this year I am broke enough to get assistance there is no time like the present to full fill dreams. On the hunt for an apartment and possibly a roommate, but I would rather not have the room mate, so I’ll see. It would be nice if someone walked up to me and said here are the keys to a place you can use until you are through school. That would solve SO many troubles…but it’s not likely to happen. Miracle, God, please? πŸ˜€

Day Nine: What makes God smile? πŸ˜€

Point to Ponder: God smiles when I trust him.

Verse to Remember: “The Lord is pleased with those who worship him and trust his love.” Psalm 147:11

Question to Consider: Since God knows what is best, in what areas of my life do I need to trust him most?

This chapter likens God to a parent, the kind of parent that just watches their children and stands in awe of what He has created. He does smile for many of the same reasons that parents dote on children. Discovery of a new talent, asking questions, telling a joke, saying “I love you,” and so many more. I smiled at myself, at my son, and said thank you to God for giving me the children he has because they have a sense of peace and love of life that comes naturally to them. Elijah will walk around and when he is truly happy he will look up at me with his big blue eyes and say “Mommy?” (What Elijah?) “This is the good life!” I can’t argue with that, even when things (to me) are bad he can look at me and say that and I know he is right. I smile and it carries me through. I think God smiles when we look around and sigh and tell him thank you for what He has provided.

Like a parent, “God smiles when we love him supremely.” What parent doesn’t love it when they just have to show up to make someone smile?! Last night the sitter called because Michael was being extremely fussy, but I drive up and all of a sudden he is all smiles. His love and immediate smile is the kind of love that we should show God, because he does show up when we are fussy and fixes what ever was wrong to begin with. Some people live fussy lives because they don’t allow God to show up. The don’t realize that He is all they are missing. Michael didn’t know how to tell the sitter he just wanted Mommy, but once I was there we all knew.

How many kids can say that they do not trust their parent completely? I know that for my kids I want them to be able to trust and have faith that I will be there for them and stand up for them no matter what. I think so far I have accepted this responsibility. Trust is a responsibility to make good choices and do whatever is necessary to provide the best for your children. I am not talking about money. I am talking rules, discipline, love, and encouragement. There is no amount of money that will pay for what your children really need. The book explains the story of Noah and how he built a boat in the middle of a desert and worked on it for 125 years just because God told him to. Our kids should be able to clean up their rooms and put away their toys just because we told them to. (haha – wishful thinking sometimes)

That thought does lend itself to the next part which is to obey him wholeheartedly. I love it when my five year old listens. I love it when I can ask him to do something in a sweet gentle voice and it gets done. Usually I have to say it 5 times minimum and then he still doesn’t seem to hear so I have to get louder. For the nay sayers on this method – I’m Italian it’s what we do. But in your own life how many times does God speak to you and you don’t hear him? How many times have you been watching the TV instead of hearing God say “Meg you really need to clean up or you won’t have time for three days?” I did last weekend…sadly I think I hurt a friend’s feelings when I chose to clean up my space instead of let the boys come play at her house, but sometimes the work just has to get done.

Isn’t it nice to be thanked when you do something extra? Isn’t it nice to be thanked for the mundane? Doesn’t a little positive reinforcement work wonders on the little ones? God loves it when we thank Him too. He loves to be acknowledged for doing exactly what he is supposed to do. He loves the little whispered thank you’s for a great parking spot and the great big thank you’s for creating life. I wonder what the world would be like if we all started saying grace at dinner again? “Dear heavenly Father, bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, may our bodies be of service. Thank you for today and for our family and thank you for our friends. Amen.” Just a little daily Our father? Isn’t that the prayer that Jesus said to pray every day to praise the Lord?
Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in
Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead
us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for thine
is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, Amen.
(I am sure that some Biblical Scholar may slam my wording, but I am working from memory at the moment and this is the prayer I learned. I say it every day.)

The final part of the chapter is on using your abilities. I love it when my sons use their brains to figure stuff out. It may be completely wrong and backward and useless as they did it, but the point is they tried to use their own abilities. That is part of living. Learning how to use your own abilities to make the world a better place. How often do we do what we have to do instead of what we could do? Our lives are awful enough without using our talents and doing the things that we could be doing. That is why I am going back to school! I am not allowed to do the things that I would like to do (and get paid) without a series of degrees so I better get cracking! Use your talents! Do what it is that makes you unique! Even if you can’t do it as a job, use it in your life to make you happier. We are better people if we allow ourselves to feel joy. To live joyous lives and roll ourselves up in it.

So, what do I need to trust Him with? For starters…my money. I don’t know what his plan is, but he must make the money appear for me to get a place of my own, near a great school, and daycare. I need to trust that this is part of His design for my life and that this path that I have prayed long and hard over is the right one. I also need to trust him with my heart. My niece has a quote on her facebook page that goes something like, “A girl must hide her heart in the heart of God so that a man must go there to find it.” So…we will see how that one turns out. I know that he really does know what’s best because he already knows what is going to happen…if only we were all so lucky.

Many blessings and happy thoughts!


One thought on “Day NINE: What makes God smile?

  1. Not So Anonymous Michelle says:

    I love this, to think of the Lord as our Father as we've prayed so many times throughtout our lives. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, Amen. It can be hard to trust in God at all times, I totally relate to that. I also relate to you talking about the kids growing up fast. I can't believe my daughter will be in FIRST GRADE next fall and is finishing kindergarten in a week and a half…and my baby, my little baby is a year old on the 4th…where does time go!?!?I'm glad we stumbled upon each other online!

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