Pause – Forgiveness

I am going to post Day Nine later today, but I have been thinking about the day 8 challenge since reading and posting Friday. What common thing can I do as if I were doing it directly for Jesus? The thing that keeps coming back at me is to forgive. Forgiveness is something we all yearn for from people we have injured in our pasts and it is something that we can to do free ourselves and our loved ones from the pain of guilt. To forgive is to free the person who wronged you, to let go. By letting go you are allowing God interceed. You are allowing God to take control of your life. You’re allowing God to be God. God is a God of mercy and forgiveness and from what I have seen the only people who say otherwise are unmerciless and unforgiving themselves.

Karma is not a Christian principle, but the idea is well within the confines of the Bible and I for one know it exists. You get back whatever you give. If you send out bad juju, you get bad juju. How can you receive the forgiveness that is offered to you if you do not seek to forgive those who have wronged you? This does not mean forget. Forgive and forget is the wrong lesson in my book, because sometimes you do that and you get stomped on. Just forgive and move forward with life.

This is why I am pausing for a moment to tell you what I have been thinking about for the last four days. Forgiveness will bring you closer to God and it is one thing that you can do directly for Jesus.


One thought on “Pause – Forgiveness

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen if I could only forgive myself and see the serenity prayer for what it actually is my life would have been different..very simple and no distractions.Nuff said

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