Day ELEVEN: Becoming best friends with God

Today I have been on several tangents the first of which was my last blog. Followed this afternoon by total disgust in a situation that is out of my control and has little to do with my life. Only, it affects a young person that has so much potential, and bothers me to my core.

A friend of mine told me that I was passionate when I was younger, hmmm…I think I have become all the more passionate about certain issues as I have gotten older. Using people as pawns is one of those issues and it certainly puts a blight on my mood. So, I will conquer this with love, kindness, and prayer for all involved that the situation come to a happy resolution.

On a side note – I found a pastor who was very influential to me in my younger days. I emailed him just to make sure if it was him and IT WAS! I am so happy about that even in the midst of the events of the day.

Day Eleven: Becoming best friends with God

Point to Ponder: God wants to be my best friend.

Verse to Remember: “Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him.” Psalm 25:14a (LB)

Question to Consider: What can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day?

Let’s go back to my rant from this morning for a moment, some of the responses to the FB post I was talking about kept bringing up how God is the controller, wants to control you and how HE is responsible for all of the horrible things that have happened in history. He is not. Read a little of the Bible and you will see that it is man that did all those things, He meerly let man exercise free will. As humans we are made in God’s image and are not God’s puppets, we are given dominion over the earth and the free will necessary to do the job without asking permission. As such we are supposed to hold our rank with dignity and respect and go to God for guidance not permission.

How do we speak to our best friends? Do we ask them permission for everything we do? We speak to our best friends in every medium available and we don’t always listen to even their soundest advice, but the point is that we communicate well enough to keep the flow going. We call or text or email as though we are in the middle of a conversation instead of as if we haven’t seen each other in days. This is how God wants to communicate with you. He wants you to keep the flow of communication open. He is ready, willing, and able to listen anytime you want to talk. I know that my best friends get texts from me any time of the night or day and I get them from them any time of the night and day. That should be your goal in developing a relationship with God.

Find a way to pray to him continually. Find a way to just talk to him with out all the long rambling prayer crap that people tend to believe they need to do. He hears you whether you speak it out loud or urge him in silence. He knows what you need even before you utter the words, but you still must ask, seek, and find your way to a closer walk with him.

The second part of the chapter focuses on meditation of God’s word. Not devotional time, but just pausing in your day to think about what you have read, heard, or thought, and reflecting on it. The easiest way to describe this is in the book. It says, “When you think about a problem over and over in your mind, that’s called worry. When you think about God’s word over and over in your mind, that’s called meditation. If you know how to worry you already know how to meditate!”

As a point of learning to be in my faith on a constant basis I dedicated my every moment to Christ years ago. I asked him to guide my cobbled path and make my actions be likened to his. In this walk I have tried to fix my broken marriage and damaged relationships with other people in the process. I have tried to be kind to everyone and I know that there are some people that I just don’t get along with. I try to keep a constant flow of conversation going with God and I think I have seen him smile from time to time. I think the point is that we try, not that we succeed in every attempt. I think if you just start the conversation and start a period of daily meditation it will soon just start coming to you. I think it will simply become a part of who you are and that is a good thing.

Our friends love us when they know we are there for them, and they for us. Treat God with the same kinship. Reach out to him the same as you would your friends and soon you will know he is there for you.


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