Blessings and Timing

We have all heard it before…Everything happens in God’s timing. Well, it seems he has been listening to my prayers and gave me a huge blessing today. It was really for my (almost) 1 year old, but to me it is a major blessing and relief.

I had been unemployed for 4+ months…from December through about half of May…guess that makes it 5 months. Anyway, I have been stressing over clothing for Michael because aside from a pack of onesies here and there I have NOT had the disposable income to buy him new clothes. I have barely had enough to cover gas and childcare to find a job, which blessedly I started in May…just haven’t really gotten paid yet.

Last month a friend of my aunt’s offered to give us a bunch of her son’s clothes that he has either never worn or out grown. They told us they were moving out of state and didn’t want to have to take everything that they wouldn’t use. Well their moving day came and went, and I thought all was lost. My uncle had told me they had left already. So, in my overanalytical nature I have tried to figure out how to buy Michael some new things the last three times I have done the laundry and looked at his tattered things. I devised a plan, but yesterday got a bill that has to be paid, so my plan was ultimately shot for this pay period. So I handed it over to God…I said, “Lord, we need new things…or at least things that aren’t stained. How am I supposed to do all of this? Pay for all of this? Live, provide and follow the path?” I put everything away, put the boys to bed and went to watch some mindless TV.

Late last night my aunt got a text, from the family that we all thought had already moved a thousand miles away. They were still in town and wanted to know if they could bring the clothes over today. Only a little while earlier I was almost in tears over the condition of Michael’s belongings, but now I would like to shout from the rooftops the power of prayer.

Just when I was at a loss He came through.

Prayer does often work this way. You pray and you pray and you pray and you never feel like you’re getting somewhere with God. You know what you need and you are trying to do it yourself, but you can’t. Today is just a reminder of how when you give it over to God to handle because you don’t know what else to do you receive abundance.

Sunday our lesson was on just this similar topic. What will you do if you hand it over to God in the first place? What would you receive if you simply followed his plan and given him all your cares and problems?

I am not sure, but if today is an example I am going to give all of these things I carry over to God. He knows what I need and knows how to provide it. I think He has a much better plan than me and can show me the way.

Happy thoughts and blessings Folks – Hey it’s Wednesday!!!


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