Life is a bouquet

“The process to become self aware is often fraught with disaster. You read, learn, and grow, but sometimes you read the wrong books, learn the wrong lessons, and grow in the wrong direction.”

Is that something I would say??


Everything you read, if done properly, becomes a part of you. It is never who you are, it is never who you should be, but in some mystical way it becomes a part of your index of knowledge that you can access at anytime of life. As I wonder through this world I grab and reach and pick the flowers that become the bouquet of who I am, the flowers don’t pick me. I am allowed to hold on to or let go of whatever I like.

We are taught as children (at least I was) that you should only pick the good flowers, the prettiest, the most perfect, that will give you the best bouquet. I know there is evidence to the contrary because there is beauty and perfection in everything…in everyone.

Books that I have read include but are not limited to…

The Complete stories and poems of Edgar Allen Poe – one of my earliest and most loved authors. I grew up loving the edge of sanity thanks to life and to Poe. 🙂

Tara Road by Maeve Binchey – a timeless writer whose voice lends to the heroism and tragedy of the characters. We are all flawed and that is okay…it’s what we do after we figure it out that matters.

777 by Alester Crowley – Not my favorite, but sometimes it takes books that you don’t like to figure that out. 😛

The Bible and The Other Bible – By various authors – We all know the first one. It is the book determined to contain all of the books of the Bible approved by the bishops and King James. The other Bible contains all of the books (plus a few) that were excluded including (but not limited to) the gospel of Jesus, the gospel of Thomas, the dead sea scrolls, Macabees and various others. I love learning everything there is to know about a subject, especially if it is controversial.

The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck – Some of the readers of this will know when I painfully was forced to read this in high school, but have since reread it and have grown to appreciate the struggle. There is beauty in it.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – I love plays. I love comedies and there are none as wonderful and endearing as these. One of my favorite past times is Shakespeare in the park, live productions put on simply because we love Shakespeare.

Succulent Wild Woman- by SARK – One of the most powerful books that I could have ever read and I try to live by many of the ideas Susan talks about. This is an amazing book for anyone embarking on a journey of self.

Why did I tell you all these…hmmm…each of them have given me something. Each of them has shown me more about the life I want to lead (or about the life that I don’t). I walked away from the experience of them knowing more of myself.

Daisies, Roses, Geraniums, Orchids, etc…Each is different and each brings something unique to a bouquet. You can’t use all flowers in the same bouquet, but you can use them each in a bouquet. Some are so unique and beautiful that they are much better when featured alone. (But that’s a different lesson.) Figure out what your flowers are and then create your life.

Take a lesson from each person you meet. (These are your flowers.) If they are an arrogant bastard (Prickly pear cactus), you know what you don’t want to be like. If they are a lovely priceless person (Indian Paintbrushes), try to bring that away from the meeting. There is a lesson in every chance, in every meeting, in every day; just watch, wait, read, and pick the flowers that you want to carry with you for the remainder of your days.

Photo by ‎Ashley M. Halligan (Click the title to view her Facebook page) The Mischief & (Mis)Adventures of a Contemporary Pilgrim


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