It’s not what you plan, but how you do it

What do you crave? Right now (well five minutes ago) I couldn’t get chocolate off my mind. Now, craving quenched, I wonder what life would be like without our favorite things? What do we get out of denying the things we want. I admit I am not good with will power. Just meet me (in person), it’s obvious!

For those of you with the blessing of will power, this is my message to you. It’s okay to have a cappuccino! It’s okay to have a glass of wine! It’s okay to live a little!

The incredible fragility of life is not something that you can fully appreciate until you have been to the edge and lived to tell it. So, I am here to tell you that tomorrow may not happen. Your plans may not make it to fruition. You dreams may change. God almighty may decide that it’s time to bring you home. Your next visit to the doctor may include a diagnosis of a life changing illness.


Accept happiness as you get it. Accept the dessert when it’s offered. Accept that report deadlines will be missed because you took the time to just be with your family.

Accept failure, it’s part of life too.

Just BE!


Eat a piece of cake every once in a while! Run wild through a field, pick flowers, and lay in a heap of hay with the ones you love. Take a week to go fishing and camping.

Above all?

Love with reckless abandon and live like tomorrow doesn’t exsist.


Love comments! Please leave one! :)

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