It’s simple. We speak. We react. We hold back. We yell. We drive each other mad with words. We hear words that aren’t even spoken.

The give and take of words. Communication.

That is really what our interactions boil down to with (for most of us) 99% of the population. These are the things we base all thought, emotion, and belief.

I just want to take a second to examine relationships for a moment and notice that everything, both good and bad comes down to ones ability to communicate.

Can the husband tell the wife what he wants? Can the wife accept it and not over react? Can the daughter tell the mother she is different and the mother understand the words she is saying?

Here is where I think education plays an important role in relationships. The more words you know the more you can pin point the thought. The emotion. The feeling.

We live in a world of constant contact. Constant interaction. Constant rhetoric and reading. I know for a fact 3/4 of my conversations take place in a texted format, whether that is IM, email, facebook, or texting on my cell.

I’m think one thing and the other person has a different reaction; and in the end your more confused than if you had picked up the phone to begin with and spoken to them.

The modern worlds instant gratification of being able to text (in whichever format) seemingly constantly dilutes the words and importance of actually sitting with someone and speaking to them. We no longer meet for coffee to just catch up. We buy the coffee in the drive thru lane and text our status to facebook.

I am thrilled when I meet up with friends and just talk to them. No tiny buttons. No miscommunication. No room for misinterpretation.

We forget how important body language is and how much that says with out saying anything at all. How do you text someone grabbing you for a hug?

 )))Hugs((( just doesn’t count.

I suppose it is up to each of us really; how we continue to communicate.

Relationships, love, friendship, divorce, kids, school, and I’m sure weddings all exist in text somewhere. Have all been performed in text somewhere.

Here is to hoping that for the next stages of life we can get off our handheld devices and look eachother in the eye and communicate.


3 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Ran Hamilton says:

    I pulled this from an old blog I had… I was reminded once of my own rant on communication:

    “Writing brings comfort and in comfort one has solace. I can’t help but appreciate what it is exactly about words and language I adore; other than the fact they are so versatile. They have the power to extend beyond measure the way one feels or have the ability to camouflage and mask ones deepest thoughts through unprocessed and shady dialog.

    Conversation is dead and that sends pains from deep within. Who is there in today’s society who can converse and walk away with more knowledge in their approach of another human being? I’ve been watching the world and critiquing its performance for as long as I have lived and have yet to witness one move beyond themselves. I am not any wiser or brighter than I once was, any less compassionate, or any less younger for that mater. I have grown colder however and that is an apparent folly I must confess to.

    All relationships created are indeed one sided and it is always the side that is self serving and I am by no means any ones servant save that of divine nature. I have found no need for acquaintance with those whom speak because to me their words are all empty. It comes to a point when that which must be said is never spoken and that which is spoken could very well have not been said and no one would be worse for it.

    When language takes a turn and emits a feeling of living, loving, and making peace within others – not even the crickets stir. Low and behold, however, should your shoes be untied that constitutes and awakened response.

    I understand that the majority this has not been read to the full extent of what it entails either due to the fact that ones delicate nature has been assaulted or there exist within the context words which stretch beyond two syllables. The purpose of writing for others to read is to stir from within them thought and possible response, or else why not just write to ones self? You’re all puppets. You just have not the capacity to step outside yourselves to see it first hand.”

    Sometimes I want to take a step back and wonder what exactly I was thinking when I wrote this. It seems a little harsh.

  2. Echo says:

    I’m a new follower to your blog. I really liked this post on communication. I know my hubby and I really need to work on ours. Most of our arguments could be avoided if we spoke more clearly and more often. Can’t wait to see what you post next. 🙂

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