It helps to be Optimistic on 9/11

September 11, 2001. That is a day we all remember. Many of us remember what we were doing. We remember how we reacted. We remember going home and just holding our families, because “What if we were next?”

It is now 10 years later.

Most of us have been affected in one way or another by the events of that day. I was watching a special on MSNBC about the newscasters who were reporting that day and they got incredibly emotional while they were forced to rehash the news events of that day.

Well, what did we learn? What have we achieved? Where do we move on from here?

We learned that not everyone is a fan of the United States. Some people hate our country and our way of life to the point of violence.

Not just violence, but an inhuman act of tragedy.

We achieved a decade of war and warring opinions on whether we should be at war or not.

We achieved becoming less than we were. It may not have been the cause, but eventually with all of our resources flowing out of the country Bin Laden achieved his ultimate goal of changing the face of America. Today many Americans are out of the job and/or behind on bills. We live paycheck to paycheck and those that don’t are a lucky few.

We achieved the knowledge that we are not invincible. That is an achievement, albeit one that none of us wanted to learn.

We have learned to humble ourselves on the world stage.

We have no where to move yet, at least that is my opinion. We are crippled by the destruction of the structures, the wars, the economy. We are in limbo waiting for our prayers to be answered so that we can move on.

We are all living with the reality that this could happen again.

So – WHAT should we do about it?

It is my humble opinion that we need to grieve.

It is my opinion that this ten year anniversary will mark a new era for our country. We will be able to wake up out of this funk and find that which makes us whole.

I think if we each acknowledge the past, but begin to take the steps to fulfillment then eventually the nation will start to be able to take steps to fulfill it’s destiny.

We need to start living for today. Stop thinking about what was and start thinking about what could be.

We need to open our hearts to new loves. We need to open our arms to our families. Embrace forgiveness.

As a nation we are still broken, but I think that if each of us can allow that which is broken to repair within us, then the nation will once again thrive.
It may be possible to achieve greatness once again.

We may never be what we once were, but we can be something new. Something better. Something more tolerant. More forgiving. More peaceful.


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