The Dream

I had this dream once of being swept off my feet. I knew it was a dream cause things like that don’t just happen. I live in the real world and interaction with fantasy just isn’t possible.

My reality consists of working a lot and raising my two sons. I struggle and I fight for everything that we have, but I can do it. This is what I have done for the last five years. It’s what I know how to do. It’s my reality.

I don’t find it very hard to admit, but I am a dreamer. If you know me you already know this. I can think for hours about things that may never happen. Things that I wish and hope for and maybe even consider realizing alone.

Why alone?

Perhaps I am jaded, but I think you have to form your dreams for yourself and if other people want to participate, than maybe…just maybe you can let them. You however are the ruler of your own life. What do you want to do with it?=

One of my childhood, or should I say teenage, wishes came true.

Is something further going to happen? I don’t know.

Am I too jaded to see things through? Perhaps. Because I am a little messed up. OBVIOUSLY so. I talked myself out of the possibility of more before less even happened.

Would you guys be reading this if it wasn’t for my messed up perspective, slight amounts of wisdom, and public cries for self-realization?

Here is a goal, I think. My goal is to live as I have said…for one year.

Live fearlessly. Live completely. Allow my faith, hope, and self to be fully their own.

Why is this a goal?

Because I NEVER allowed myself to let this happen. Allowing myself to fulfill my own dreams. If you want to participate then maybe you should realize that you’re not number one this year or even number two.

Hell, even living fearlessly I am not going to be number one.

Who wants to join me in realizing their potential? Who wants to know their dreams? Who wants to become fearless?

Sending out massive amounts of love.


6 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. thehonestone says:

    One year shoo thats a big one. But everything of the best. But I do agree that we should allow it to happen.

    We do dream, all of us I mean, but we somehow allow life to choke it or even worse our thoughts and beliefs choke our dreams.

    Not all face their fears, I know I do not face all of mine, yet when we face them we gain power over them.

    • Megan DaGata says:

      I am a psychology student and this weekend I watched a video on the development process. Out of order of what I am supposed to be doing, but whatever. It stated that UNTIL we are given defined parameters of thought our brains create, imagine, believe, and develope exponentially faster…so aside from my formal education which will continue this year, I am going to allow myself the freedom to not conform to what I have been told.

      We are harnessed to our education and thought process only because we believe in the social, economic, and educational norms. What if we allowed ourselves to be more? To be honest I don’t have any real fears. I would jump out of a plane, stand on the edge of a tall building, kill a spider, throw a bug, I do jhowever have a fear of not realizing my potential. I think that if we all had that fear we would be better people as a whole. And you are right about wanting everything to be the best. That should be a given and an expectation.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. thehonestone says:

    I remember a speech at high school a man gave where he said it had baffled scientists that an albatross had flown into a Boeing 747’s windscreen. The reason being that they knew the bird could not fly to those heights.

    They reasoned and reasoned until they came to the simple conclusion. The bird did not know that it could not fly that high……….

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