Living Social…right…

Life was easier in 2005. Our friends were the special folks in our life that we saw all the time. We’d email them and they’d respond and we’d kept a sort of daily banter, but we saw eachother live and in person.

Fast forward 6 years and a gazillion bits of memory later and we have…facebook, google+, twitter, gowalla, foursquare, and so many more…it’s ridiculous.

Who needs that many ways to keep in touch with the same group of people!

The people you liked and saw, you kept up with them, their lives, their problems, and you offered a hand or a shoulder to cry on. Your distance to travel was probably short, but your stamina for these people was great.

Today. Now. We are all about now. We are all about living social. We are all about the instant gratification of letting people know exactly what we are doing. Well…I am not, but lots of people are. Lots of celebrities are now interactive!

Wow @AndersonCooper you can read my twitter status by simply adding your name with an @ symbol. How freaking ridiculous!

They don’t care!

WE don’t care!

We love you and think you are special but we honestly don’t care if you are eating dinner with George Patton at The Russian Tea Room.

Facebook has also lead to some drama.

Wow – ever want to feel like you’re in high school?! Post a blib about who you are seeing. Post a comment about who went to rehab. Post a note about what you think about your former best friend who is now your aunt. (Okay – so I haven’t done any of those things and none of my best friends are my aunts…unless they became my Aunt before they were my friend.)

But you get the point right?

Life was also easier on the dating front. You never had to ask yourself if you are in fact, “Facebook official.” What the heck does that mean anyway?!

Why does life have to be so complicated?!

It doesn’t, really. You don’t have to participate in the drama. You don’t have to post about anything of real signifigance. You don’t even have to post at all; and you CAN block your wall from everyone except yourself.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gowalla your experience with these tools is what you make it. You can pretend your still a 15 year old gossip or you can grow up.

Those that care about who and what we post about on facebook are the same people that care about who and what you are in real life.

These are the people that through it all will be there with a shoulder to cry on, a tissue to wipe your nose, and a bottle of Jack to numb the pain.

These are also the people who hold your hand a pray with you. They pray for the bumps in life to be small and the rewards to be great.

After all the facebook drama don’t you want to go out and enjoy people in person?

I do. See you around at my favorite places. Cheers!


14 thoughts on “Living Social…right…

  1. Ronnie Davidson says:

    I disagree if it wasn’t for facebook and social media I feel like I would be missing a lot of things that are going on in the lives of people I care about. People that I have lost touch with through the years because “life happens.” Also the scope of my friends online is wider Someone that I truly care about but might drag me into things I don’t wanna be apart of or I disagree with on the way life should be lived, I can still keep up with, still let them know I care about them without being pulled into their drama and without forcing my idea of right and wrong on them. I can still be a witness to them about the things God has done in my life and they can take it or leave it without judging or being judged. I love that my 80 year old grandpa can log into facebook and look at pictures of me and my wife and still feel like he is involved with what goes on in my life, instead of missing out because he lives 5 hours away and can’t travel because of his health and I can’t afford to make it down there as often as I should. Social media can definitely be a hassle sometimes and definitely gets bogged down with trash but without it I think I would be a much less interesting person.

  2. Megan DaGata says:

    Hmm…I do sound like a cynic. But honestly – if you want to know me and invite me over or to meet you IRL I will show up. No doubt. I have friends all over the country that have seen me IN PERSON and I am more than willing to make the effort to be social. Not internet social.

  3. Susan Marie says:

    Once again, good job! I agree with what you’re saying… one good thing that’s come out of my FB experience is connecting with high school classmates after almost 40 years. The best friends of course, I’ve stayed in touch with – and now, after all these years, there are others I went to school with that I believe I can call my friend, even if back then it was a guy that wouldn’t give you a second glance! We’ve started meeting informally, picking a restaurant so we can enjoy food, drink and fellowship – and all are invited to join in.

    I hope those who read your blog today, Megan, will take your words to heart and get out there and interact in person. Forget all the drama, and just do it! We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

  4. jamieahughes says:

    It’s all in how you use it, the age factor/choice. Facebook has helped me find and keep up with folks I would have lost forever otherwise, but I use it in the way in which it was intended. For those folks currently in my life, we pass messages back and forth on FB about the places and spaces we want to meet in the flesh. But you’re right, too many people are overly dependent on social media and are too fragmented by it to maintain real relationships. Talk about a monster of our own creation!

  5. Dian Wijayanti says:

    Ouch. I’m a massive user of social networks, I guess, but at some points (other than for gaming) I think those social networks help us connect with our distant friends–friends that we could no longer meet due to the distance and such, and sometimes they help us conveying message that we could not convey through sms or phone, I suppose. One of my friend’s relative passed away some time ago, and I simply couldn’t call her because she was abroad, and although I really wanna hug her, I couldn’t. Even if I could call her, I don’t think she would have the time to chit-chat with me, or cry with me, since she’d be so busy with the funeral thingy, and so, sometimes they do help us expressing condolences, (or things like that) so they could read it later once they’d calmed down and got enough time to scan through the messages that their friends from far away left them. 🙂 But you had a point there, and I might need to updated my status… oops! Hahaha. Great post! Witty and sharp. 😉

    • Megan DaGata says:

      That’s the part that I enjoy also…there are many things that wouldn’t be in my life without social networking. That is why I don’t think I will ever be one of those people to delete their facebook page, BUT I don’t post anything really personal on it. If I want to talk to a friend I send private messages. My closest friends and I have a group that we talk about our more personal stuff with the agreement that NOTHING gets posted on our walls. We have that group simply for the reason you brought up. We are all over the country and world and there is just no getting us all in one room!

      • Dian Wijayanti says:

        I see 🙂 I usually posted private stuffs via message instead of wall with distant friend! That way no one will be able to interfere whenever they want to!

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