Ideas – Solutions – Thoughts to make this work!

I keep saying I have ideas for the general population to make life work for the benefit of the whole, but since no one has contacted me, I guess I will write a post and see what happens.

On a side note: In all you do harm none. Non-violence is the goal in all this. Be aggressive in your pursuits to change yourself, but realize that you can’t change anyone else. Not their opinions or their way of doing things. Only yours. 

Here is my list of the top 15 things YOU can do to make the world a better place and silently side with the Occupiers.

1) Move your money from a bank to a credit union.

2) Pay cash for all your purchases…this isn’t just for the benefit of your bottom line, this keeps you from paying fees to the thieves.

3) Shop at your local markets and local farmer’s markets.

4) Find a local butcher for any meats you may need, check to make sure that the animals are grain/grass-fed and not fed with corn.

5) Remember your three R’s! Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! – Find new uses or homes for things you are throwing out. Reduce your carbon footprint. Reuse EVERYTHING.

6) Buy from resale shops (Thank you Cathy for this one)

7) Donate items to a local charity. A local library that might have a shop to fund their book purchases.

8) Stop buying name brand products.

9) Plant a garden, if you are in an apartment community see if they would be interested in a community garden.

10) Research your service providers. Find providers that have sustainability clauses.

11) Use public transportation whenever possible. I did this for years when I lived downtown I loved it. Walking, meeting new people and getting free entertainment because of some of the crazy people…and its cheap – just be safe!

12) I know that a lot of people are not going to agree with this one – BUT – I have to say it – STOP SHOPPING AT MAJOR STORES LIKE TARGET AND WAL-MART. Woe to me the naysayer of these stores, but here is the thing…these are the guys sending massive amounts of money overseas. These are the guys that are sending our manufacturing jobs overseas. The American Textiles industry is just about shot because these guys want to pay someone 10 cents an hour for a task that used to be completed in the USA but then they had to PAY people more…so they thought of THEIR bottom line and shipped jobs overseas.

13) Think about where you are working…what are you doing?? Who is benefiting from your job the most? I quit a job a few years ago after witnessing corporate greed first hand. The company I worked with received a several BILLION dollar government contract and turned around and laid off at least 1000 people claim to not have jobs for them, but then asked those people to work for them overseas. MEANWHILE those of us that were left had to do the jobs of allllll the people who were let go did not receive compensation for this BUT had to work 80 hour weeks just to keep the company working.

14) Get the word out. Research. Tell your friends and neighbors what they can do to help. Spreading the solution is just as important as finding a solution.

15) Many people find fault with me using Facebook or having a smart phone…you know what – I don’t keep a house phone. My cell phone is the only phone I use (AND it is not with a major provider), so why not have one that will keep me updated on email and cyber life? I have written blogs and posted them on that little thing. As for Facebook, I talk to people I would otherwise never be able to speak to through a format made for my generation and it has been embraced by the world. I have been on Facebook for nearly 7 years, I’m not quitting.  Take these things and use them as tools to inform the public.

Start here, start now, tell me your ideas to change the world…


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