What dreams may come?

Life is funny. No one really knows what they are doing. You can’t practice and you don’t get real do overs. You can’t rewind time and take back words or hurts.

All we can try to do is do the best with what we’ve got and hope it’s enough.

I am prompted today by the quote of the day from Real Simple magazine.

“Living is more a question of what one spends than what one makes.” -Marcel Duchamp

It is also prompted by my post from yesterday, my friend who died. He was very materialistic, he was a workaholic until he was an alcoholic, and the spent more time on the things in life that didn’t matter, instead of the ones that did.

Is that how I want to be remembered? No.

Certainly not! And after all we want to be remembered for the love we have shown, rather than the lies we have shared.

This is what I want by the time my end comes. I want my children to miss me. I want them to know that I beyond the sadness that I am with God and will never struggle again.

I want them to know that they should have a party, not a funeral.

I don’t want some solemn event that has nothing to do with who I am as a person. I think shots of Jack Daniels should be consumed. I think that it should contain lots of people having a great time. I will sit over in the corner like I always do just smiling. Then as far as a place to spread my ashes, toss me into the wind over Enchanted Rock and let me be.

I know it’s morbid to think about, but at some point we have to.

I hope that I have enough friends who want to be there and support my family. I hope that I am a good enough person to deserve their friendship.


I have lots of dreams that need to be fulfilled in the next 70 years – yep I am planning on making it to 101. There is so much to see and do that I am sure I won’t accomplish it all, but I damn well am sure going to try.

We must dream. We must seek our future.

Living each moment as though it is your last.

We can easily become bitter and angry, holding on to the things and people who have injured us.

What’s the freaking point!?

That’s what I don’t understand!

Why allow something so small in terms of life consume you in terms of living?

Addiction, abuse, anger, and so much more take our minds and control them, and we lose sight of the things we need. We need to get over those things. We need to find a path to enlighten our joy.

To heighten our awareness of ourselves.

We need to let go and move on.

We need to talk to each other and we need to listen.

Listening is so important to finding that path to fulfillment.

Have down time. At lunch today the whole department was chatting and the dean told us that he read an article that people no longer have down time.

How can you think and create if you are always plugged in?! Unplug! Unwind.


If we are going to create this magnificent future for ourselves we need a place to create the vision and we need to be free of ourselves long enough to see it through.

Love, blessings, and magic birthday hugs from me!


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