Searches that found my site…Life’s too short.

Jill at has posted about some of the terrible ways that people have found her site before. Some of the searches are sick and some are hilarious. Today, I have been staring at my screen since 8 am wondering what to type. I haven’t really been able to focus lately.

Big surprise there, right?

Well, I was looking at the stats because of some odd morning activity, and I glanced at the search terms that brought people to my page. Two of the searches are below; I would very much like to address them because they make me a sad.

“life is too short to waste a second on someone who doesn’t value you at all”

“don’t trust too much, don’t hope too much and don’t love too much. because that too much can hurt you”

Why does it make me sad that people found me with these search terms? Because I say the exact opposite, however I have lived these, so I thought I would address them.

We are really just dots on the timeline of the earth. I read somewhere today that man belongs to earth, earth doesn’t belong to man. How true this is! We treat the earth with little regard for the future, and we call it progress. Even though what is going on will strangle the life out of our precious home. If we take and take and take from her, what will she have left to give?

As I am a girl I can only address this from my female perspective…guys chime in on the comments.

There are some men that take and take from women with little regard for them. So the idea that, “life is too short to waste a second on someone who doesn’t value you at all,” is true enough. I remember there was a website somewhere for the Houston area about scoring with the women in this city, and how you could rate them and everything. That is one of those bits of information that just make me ill. I don’t want any sort of scoring system simply because I am single. That’s both disgusting and disturbing.

At the same time, I can pour my heart out to a guy and they will not be able to fulfill what I want, but I waste precious time thinking about why. Why couldn’t they do what I wanted for a change? It had little to do with how much or how little they valued me, but to waste energy on something that isn’t is useless. A lesson I am learning myself at the moment.

As for the second search, “don’t trust too much, don’t hope too much and don’t love too much. because that too much can hurt you.” Who cares if it hurts.

Who cares if you wear your heart on your sleeve and are able to tell people how you feel?! We should all be so bold! I speak to the fact that we all need to tell those we care about that we love them, that we like them, that we need to move mountains to make their dreams reality. We need to focus on ourselves also, but if there is something they want to do and you are able to do it then by all means have at it.

I am someone who does have problems with trust. I fear that the bottom will fall out. I fear that the person I chose to love won’t love me back the same way. I fear that at the end of the day it means less to them than it does to me. That has in fact happened to me, and yes it hurts. It hurts a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and call it life. It means that at that moment they aren’t for you.

What is life if not to hope? Hope is the essence of everything. Without hope there is nothing. Hope too much that is an order!

Loving too much? There is no such thing. In reading, A Course in Miracles, I learned that love simply is. If you love you can not love too little or too much because love is not something that can be measured in size. My son and I have a game that we play were we say I love you to the moon and back, no I love you to the stars and back. We go all the way out to encompassing the universe and back, then we go in the reverse direction. We get as small as we possibly can in our love chat because no matter what – it is still love.

Too much is in the eye of the beholder. I am too much. I admit that. I feel too much. I hold on too tight. I love too much. I talk too much. I hope too much. I want too much out of life. I expect too much far too soon. I live too much. I crave too much. Some things when they end are painful. Letting go of the things I hold on to hurts. Loving someone who doesn’t love me back hurts a lot. But that’s just part of life.

We must experience all things and if we live life trying to avoid pain, we will do nothing but avoid life.

This life is precious.

Be too much because it’s the things you didn’t do that you will look back on and wonder about.


One thought on “Searches that found my site…Life’s too short.

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Your blog’s search terms put mine to shame on a maturity and enlightenment scale. I’m pretty sure everyone finds my site through Google searches for “poop”, “dancing cats” and “tampons” 😦

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