Skeered (nope scared)

I’m skeered. No, really I am scared. Scared to death that as I start into my 30’s I will be forced to grow up. Not that I don’t have lots of responsibilities, but that I will have to become a lot less child like.

No…that’s not right…maybe the word is forthright.

Yep – forthright

forthright adj  (From

Definition of FORTHRIGHT

1 archaic : proceeding straight on
2: free from ambiguity or evasiveness : going straight to the point <a forthright critic> <was forthright in appraising the problem>

3: notably simple in style or quality <forthright furniture>
Yep that’s it. I am going to have to release the ambiguity and stop being evasive.
Oh – wait – I do not evade…I may charge headlong into a problem without knowing the clear solution, but I don’t evade. I have proof!
I do occasionally have ambiguous thoughts and actions…so I may seem to be evading. BUT not like some.
Here is a dilemna…girl likes boy, boy likes girl, boy doesn’t ask girl out, girl asks boy out, and he can’t give a straight yes or no. That is what I mean by evading. I don’t do that. I might say maybe, but I will tell you why maybe. Some people are just programmed to not hurt others.
Except by being ambiguous they do it anyway. In a word they are scared.
BUT THAT’S OKAY! We are all scared. We are afraid of being hurt, having our hearts trampled, and even worse, not even being given a chance.
Oh well…what’s a girl to do!?
Move on and hope that somewhere out there is what she should be finding.
On the subject of scared you also have to touch on bravery…I met a 16-year-old boy that puts the “men” I know to shame on the bravery factor.
My niece invited the poor boy to a party with about 25 grown ups – and he came! These aren’t just any grown ups either, these were her grandmother, great-grandmother, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, and more. We are a loud family, that would have been intimidating for me if it wasn’t my family, but this kid did it! Props to you!!!
He was forthright. He was aggressive. He liked her enough to brave the waters of our loud crazy family to seek approval and get with her.
Ahh…the lessons we can learn from one so young!
When seeking that which our hearts desire we need to be patient, but we also need to be aggressive. (I hear that old cheer in my head right now. “BE aggressive, BE-EE Aggressive!”) So much of life today is instant gratification we don’t face the issues head on. We skirt around trying to get what we want without having to do the work to get there. We are scared that any action we take could lead to failure.
Again I ask – WHO CARES!?!?
The only one in your life that will know if you did or did not act is you. You are the person who will be forced to recount anything that occurs in your life. Wouldn’t you rather have acted on your feelings or your emotions? What if you didn’t act, could you live life thinking about what may have happened?
We are ultimately going to think about the road we have taken to get where we are, and I want that road (at least in my life) to be a solid path. I want to know this choice made this effect this, which effected this, and so on and so forth. No, they may not have all been the right choice, but it doesn’t matter! It simply means I made a move, I chose action instead of inaction! That’s all part of it.
That’s how we grow and learn and become better human beings.
Make a few mistakes. Let life get a little messy. If you live life with hospital corners, you won’t be living. There shouldn’t be a defined path, there should be a general idea, but not a defined ABC path.
Allow yourself to be scared. Face whatever it is that has got you so wound up. Be direct. Be forthright. Be aggressive.
If you don’t get the results you were hoping for you can at least say you did it.

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