Phenomenal Female Fridays #1 – Linda!

Starting today and continuing every Friday we are going to highlight some of the amazing women I know who have helped create my unique view of the world.

All the women who are going to be participating were given the same questions. Listed below.

1) Please share your first name, age, and occupation (if you have one). 
2) Are you where you had dreamed when you were a child? Are you where you planned as a teenager? 
3) Do you think that you are wiser for the things you have been through that got you here? 
4) What do you dream for your future?
5) If there was one thing you could change about pop cultures’ philosophy of things what would it be?
6) Do you allow what is popular to influence you? Explain either way.
7) Who inspires you?
8 ) Do you think you inspire others? (If you got this then you do. :))
9) What do you think the secret to happiness is?
10) Please share one life altering thought, concept, or event.
Each person is allowed to edit, omit, or respond how they wish, that way you guys don’t get bored with simple Q&A sessions.
This first person is my mother, Linda.
She is an artist.
She is a creative with a magnetic energy that attracts people to her like coffee to Starbucks. We do love our Starbucks.
She and I have been through a lot (mostly my doing,) but we are coming back to that place where the daughter realizes that the mother was so right about so many things.
Will the life of a mother and daughter each with a strong personality and view of the world ever be perfect? Probably not, but the older I get the more we get along and I love that. I am going to continue to try my hardest.

Linda! (AKA My Mom)

53 years, 34 jobs, 33 cars, 6 kids and 3 husbands later…All I am REALLY sure of, is that I KNOW I do not know all the answers but the journey toward the knowledge is always good.
There is no simpler or better way to answer it all. Love you Mom!

2 thoughts on “Phenomenal Female Fridays #1 – Linda!

  1. Lisa Wields Words says:

    I love this, and I love the idea of celebrating different women weekly. I started writing several posts Celebrating Fabulous Friends because we need to celebrate people in our lives more often. I look forward to reading more.

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