Life after Rehab – Parenthood – In-Between – Video

Parenthood – In-Between – Video –

I hope that comes through when I post this. It is seriously something that I fear. Honestly. Completely. I fear life after rehab with my ex-husband.


Because like Seth’s character in Parenthood, once my exhusband stops drinking he is amazing. He is an amazing man whose generousity and ability to love know no bounds.

This isn’t the codependance talking, this is reality.

This is the reality we face every time he gets out of rehab.

This is why I chose him. He is an amazing person with a fantastic view of life and an ability to speak and communicate.

This is the tragedy in a marriage such as ours. Together because the love is there but so broken because of the addiction. The addiction controls all.

I love this show. It’s an amazing show and anyone who doesn’t watch it is missing out. It’s like someone is scripting the lives within my family. Or at least in my part of my family. I think I could name all the characters relationships within my own life.

Like Sarah’s character I will struggle with the love I feel for the rest of forever. We love broken people and no matter if we can live with them or not we struggle with our emotions. We struggle to remain distant.

Anyway, been struggling with this lately and its weird that the only way I can give an example is to provide a clip from a TV show.  This is the whole show. It’s an hour. You’ve been warned.


5 thoughts on “Life after Rehab – Parenthood – In-Between – Video

  1. critters and crayons says:

    You know the one thing I sacrificed to blog was TV. I used to watch a lot of it and now I don’t watch any of it- I blog instead. So you go and write THIS. You are fired, Megan. haha! I hear that’s a great show- and it is true. We can love someone to pieces but hate pieces of them.

    • Megan D. says:

      I don’t get to watch much – I sacrificed an hour of my work day to watch this every Wednesday 😀 Usually I get to catch Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story on FX, but that is my TV watching. Three hours a week. Those are my relax and escape hours during the week! Parenthood really is fabulous…if you have/need a one hour escape during the week.

  2. DesiValentine says:

    I haven’t seen this one, I’m a little embarrassed to say. Everyone is raving about Parenthood and I know I’m missing out. (I still haven’t seen The Soprano’s, either.) I have dealt with family members and dear friends struggling with addiction. It is truly a Dr. Jeckyll or Mr. Hyde situation, and their healing can be almost as tragic. You’re in my prayers, Megan.

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