A Challenge for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us. I have been reading posts on thankfulness and gratitude. I have been getting the daily recipe ideas from Allrecipes.com and Parenting magazine’s holiday tips and hints. This has always been my favorite holiday. A day dedicated to thanking the universe, God, our families and friends for all that we have and all they have given us in the past year.

It is the day that we enter into a season of good tidings and family get togethers and happiness.

I haven’t kept up with my attitude of gratitude postings on Facebook, for that I apologize. I have however woken up every day and said a prayer of thanks to God for the blessings he has provided. It is Him we should be thanking above all.

As my children grow and learn the meaning of Thanksgiving I HOPE to teach my kids that we do not exist in a bubble. I hope they are able to comprehend empathy and grow a heart to care for their fellow man. We are all interconnected and our lives are intertwined. We may not see how, we may not understand, but each person exists for a purpose and each person should think on how their decisions affect their fellow man.

Today as you are eating your tradition turkey or non-traditional enchiladas think of not only what you are thankful for from the past year, but on how you can impact your world.

I challenge you to find a way to make the world a little better. Donate to charities, take time to help at a shelter, or find your own pet project. Anything you do will make the world brighter for someone.

Love and hugs on this Thanksgiving!

Make it incredible.


A few places to start…Red Cross, Salvation Army, Open Door Missions, Family and Children ministries, your church, your local community center


One thought on “A Challenge for Thanksgiving

  1. Barbara Rhyne Tucker says:

    very nice and very true….I make it a goal to do at least once anonymous, nice thing a day. It seems to connect me to others in a way I have I have never experienced before and has expanded my vision in many areas in regard to the plight of man. Seems the more I give without expectations of recognition from man the more spectacular my blessings from The Creator. In return for my time, my laying down of Ego (and some of my cast-off goods) the Lord my God gives me gives me a little more Wisdom, His Heart, His Eyes, His Works in my life…..all I have to so is give to others and I receive from Him is such abundance! All this for starting the day in thankfulness which frees me so I will see the abundance in my life, which reveals to the “extras” that I have that others can use, which inspires me to reach out and give, which pleases God so He blesses me, which creates in me an attitude of thankfulness, which……

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