Happy Thanksgiving

Close your eyes (figuratively speaking) take a deep breath, in, slowly, allowing it to fill you up from the bottom of your rib cage straight through to the top of your head. Breath in until you feel as though your lungs will burst, then breath out, slowly. Relaxing every muscle of your mind. Repeat with each muscle group until you are completely relaxed. Until every physical fiber of your being is jello.

We need this – NOW!

We have survived another day of togetherness. Another Thanksgiving.

 We have joined with our families, eaten our turkey (or Chinese), and managed to coexist with the people we love for more than a moment. The brief grouping of hours where the capitalist system is shut down and we are forced to be together.

I don’t think I would have changed a thing about today. Except maybe Michael’s inability to NOT cry when I leave the room or the absence of a few of the loves of my life. I am sure they all enjoyed their turkey though in their familial settings.

We have a fairly relaxed approach to this whole affair. We aren’t the “movie moms” that wake up and shove a bird in the oven by 8 am. We don’t spend the entire day up to our elbows in food preparation in the kitchen. We can’t find the button within that says that’s what has to happen.

I think there was a time when that used to happen in my family. We used to slave and cook and bake for days. I remember in 2004, when we held the family Thanksgiving at our house I remember working for a solid week before turkey day. Shopping, cleaning, painting, making sure the yard looked great, and then the day or two before I made bread and pies.

I didn’t use a bread machine like we did today, I literally handmade the bread and baked the rolls.

I made the pie crusts and peeled the apples and baked the pies.

I learned that I make amazing apple pie. I can’t stand apple pie though, so unless I know someone likes it and that someone will be present the gift goes unused.

Then Thanksgiving day arrived and my ex husband (he’s a chef) made three turkeys for the number of people we were going to have. We fried two in deep southern tradition and baked a traditional bird. Best birds ever…

This was the last good Thanksgiving I remember having with him. The rest were a combination of separations and work days.

Today was the first Thanksgiving that I got to spend with my mom cooking since 2004.

So much of life has changed since…

I am grateful to the Lord for many of the changes that have been made, however a few I could have done with out. But even in sadness we must say Thank you God. Tonight, Lord, even as I think of all the changes you have made that have placed me in this house, typing on this computer, I am grateful for the reconciliation with my mother. I am grateful for the ability of my family to forgive, and I am grateful for the possibilities that you are presenting me with for the future. So much wonder, so much love.

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to the Holiday Season!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. DesiValentine says:

    Thanksgiving happens in October, where I am, but the traditions are very similar. There are families that spend days cooking and decorating, and all of Thanksgiving morning getting the finishing touches together. We don’t do that. I don’t have that button within, either. And I think we’re all a bit more relaxed, for it.
    Also? I love your use of the word “survived” because sometimes that’s totally what it feels like! My family means the world to me. But all of us together in the same space at the same time? Yes, “survive” describes it perfectly 😉

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