Generation Gap

The generation gap…I think I finally understand! I think I am fairly in touch with younger people…I work at a university. I listen to modern alternative rock. I hang out with all kinds of people who don’t SEEM old…at least NOT TO ME! This was reinforced last night when I went to dinner and ran into a friend of mine from High School. (I was in my hometown yesterday.) We agree that we don’t look much different than we did when we graduated 12 years ago and we don’t FEEL any older. We still feel like 1999 was yesterday.

Over the course of the last week I have learned that I am indeed old. Stuff gets on my nerves that may or may not have back then. My friend Liz and I were contemplating the other night wondering if we are just members of an exceptional generation or if the teenagers these days are just that much more immature. This is the generation that hasn’t had to really work. This is the generation that wasn’t disciplined in the same manner the rest of us were. We were beaten with a belt and put in solitary in our rooms and they were given time outs in the living room…one minute for each year of their age. Then they went right back to doing whatever landed them there to begin with.

Pop culture influences these days are Jersey Shore or Pretty Little Liars or one of the other mindless shows…pretty, skinny people whose only real problem is which bad boy boyfriend they want to keep and which they want to sleep with because they can’t have one and be monogomous. I don’t pretend to understand the allure of these shows or why they are so popular. Our pop culture influence was Friends. Everyone loved Friends! They were independent singles living in the city…yeah surprisingly monotoned cast for NYC, but the storylines weren’t bad…weren’t malicious and cruel.

Also I don’t remember being this annoying…I know I was sort of like an anti teenager. I had to work almost 40 hours a week, go to school, keep my grades up, pay bills, pay for the things that I wanted, buy my cloths and uniforms for all my afterschool activities…but I had fun too. I guess I don’t remember it the way it was or something, but just general habits of current 15/16 year olds are getting on my nerves this week. I am not ready for teenagers…good thing I have 10 years before my oldest is at this stage.

I must adjust to climate changes, moodswings, and generational evolution. Hope I am not one of those moms that can’t remember what it was like and drain the fun out of everything for my kids. Then again…it hasn’t been that long…and I already feel like an old person.


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