I think I may be longing for a little nostalgia again.

This rock girl has been listening to country music for the last two days, and it’s caught up with me.

I can’t get that feeling of wanting to curl up in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate out of my head. Longing to feel the comfort of the familiar. Longing to put on comfy jeans and a warm sweater. Perch myself at the top of Lookout Point and stare out over the hill country, feel the cold breeze against my cheek and breathe deep the scents of home.

 There is a peace about my hometown (which is actually a grouping of several towns). There is a nostalgia there unlike any other. Just walk through the Courthouse square or sit by the little river in Burnet’s city park its quiet voice echos through time.

Last Friday I went to the Walk of Lights in Marble Falls and strolled along the lake. The brilliant lights dazzled me as a kid, to see all the different scenes and then to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas made me the happiest girl around. Remembering the years we did that as children, my heart swelled on Friday watching my child’s eyes light up as he mischievously took off running toward the brilliant lights. I would have run too…but I had a stroller to push over a rock path and grass.

My five year old got to see something that I loved so much as a child and we shared hot chocolate with our friends and family that had joined us on our walk. He got to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas….I wish I had been able to hear…and then all the kids got on Santa’s lap for a photo. It was lovely! Michael and Aaralynn screaming as Elijah smiled for the photographer and Shelby grudgingly stood in the shot with her little sister. One of those moments that will last a lifetime.

My best, oldest friend in the whole world, who is the only person I have known since childhood besides my sisters was with us, and suggested we go to eat. I said sure, let’s go to McDonald’s the kids can play while we eat. (I really despise McDonald’s overly processed food and ageless burgers, but the kids need to play!) So, it was off to Burnet we drove. As we wound our way through the dark hills along highway 281 I couldn’t help but feel completely at home.

As we neared town I couldn’t allow my friend or myself to eat that terrible McD’s food, so I called her and made her turn around and meet me at a local place called the Maxican. If you are ever in the TX hill country you should stop, it’s wonderful!

As it happens in small towns, you run into people when you visit the busiest restaurant in town.

I have barely spent any time back home since high school, but I still knew the owner of the restaurant, several of the patrons, and the hostess (who happens to be a friend of mine’s grandmother and in some way is related to the owner but I can’t remember). You don’t get that in a city. You don’t get the sense of community. You don’t get the feeling of belonging.

It’s like that scene in “Sweet Home Alabama” when Reese Whiterspoon’s character says, “My life in New York works, Jake. But then I come down here… and this fits too.” Insert Houston for New York and that’s how I feel.

Anyway, I long for the nostalgia of home today. I long to feel like I belong, like I am home, like I did on Friday as I met friends I hadn’t seen in years.



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