First World vs. Third World and Share your theory on improving the world

The silence is deafening…I am sitting here contemplating all that is wrong with being here and I see this thing. This link  to a “Third World Meme.”

“What the heck is that?!” I ask myself…so I google…


THIS is what I get…

Wow - Really?!

Yes, Really…and you should see the ones over at the link!

At the same time an alternate link came up…

Along with this picture…

Do we realize how lucky we are to have the problems we do? I think most of us know that we have got it pretty good. We are able to understand that no matter how rough it is for us it’s nothing.

In the grand scheme of things we don’t have problems. We don’t deal with the prospect of catching malaria on a daily basis. We don’t consider whether or not our children will have to live without us because of street violence. Yes, bad things happen – even in the United States – but they don’t happen everywhere, all the time!

If taking the time to consider the facts all the problems that I have exist because we have too much money. We have too much access to alcohol. We have too many people with too much access to too much, so we over indulge. Would there even be a term such as codependance if we didn’t have the availability of alcohol and drugs that we do? Would we even care?

Do such terms exist outside the confines of the rich “western” world we live in?

What are real problems?

I think the fact that the world is slowly dying is a real problem. I know that the planet has the ability to fix itself, but are we willing to sacrifice to make the world last? Are we willing to give up our conveniences to support the ecosystem?

Are you willing to stop driving your car?

Are we willing to shut down factories?

As a theory I have imagined that given the proper infrastructure we can generate enough energy to run the planet from the kinetic energy created by tires against the pavement. The heat, the friction that is created is energy. Wouldn’t it be ideal if there was a way to harness that energy and channel it into a system that would power the world.

If we must have power, why not work off of theories. Create ideas and take action.

I am not a scientist. I am barely a writer. I think though that this is a theory that if a scientist got the numbers worked it would work.

Hmm…today, share you theories. Share your ideas. Do you think you have real problems? What can we do to change them?


2 thoughts on “First World vs. Third World and Share your theory on improving the world

  1. critters and crayons says:

    We can only do our best in our spheres of influence. I try to be active in the community. When something is wrong and will harm our kids, air, water or land, I speak up and go to those lingering City Council meetings. We have to be willing to take a stand because things only change when we do that. And it doesn’t happen quickly. I worry for the future of my children. I hope that they can be forces of good that impact the planet and future in a positive way. That is what I want for them and the world.

  2. Ran Hamilton says:

    Serious response: “If we must have power, why not work off of theories. Create ideas and take action.” – This isn’t a new fangled notion of what to do, there are in fact theories, GOOD ONES, that have been thought of, created, experimented …with, etc – however, all of these ideas are under government patent and are not allowed to be explored further without the express permission from the governments. And we all know that the government is a body of self serving interest peons for the greater conglomerates. There isn’t as much money to be made in ‘green’ things. Also, it’s not so much that ‘we’ are destroying the world. We use what is given to us and fall into a deep level of apathy where cognitive reasoning tells us that we should consume less and expand our resources, but through social and natural conditioning we are designed to take and horde what is available to us. I have a problem where I see the world the way it could… no… the way it SHOULD be rather than the reality of what it is. It doesn’t take much thought to figure that the creation of nuclear power is a something man kind created for good – but warped into something that is the embodiment of fear based on its ability to destroy. Hydrogen is the same thing. A clean burning source of energy which became a weapon against humanity and now something we dread due to its destructive power. – the one thing we can do, that everybody can do is to open their eyes and hearts, and let go of their fear because there is nothing to be afraid of. Continue to work on theories and expand renewable energy, don’t pay attention to the patents corporations have place on our own ability to sustain ourselves by mandating what type of seeds we can plant, or animals we can raise without prescribed genetic modifications. These rules are simply followed due to fear of reprocutions from governments – once the fear is gone they have lost their control. We stand by and watch them contaminate our water, our air and our soil and do nothing because we have been conditioned to believe as long as we have the best premium channels and the right brand of bottled water, we are safe. Once the first world concedes and lets go of it’s ignorance, apathy, and greed there is no stopping the positive impact we could have on the entire world.
    The world will sustain each and everyone of us, and there is no reason anyone should have to go without no matter which country you live in. It’s all here.

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