Boredom, it needs to end

Twenty minutes until lunch and I decide it’s time to write something. Figures!

I haven’t even been able to concentrate this week work has been so slow. So let me tell you a little about what I have been doing as I putter through the days at my nondescript occupation.

I start out the day much like anyone else. I wake up 20 minutes late, race through the morning routine…clothes? Last pair of clean slacks. Clean shirt, doesn’t really match, but no one will see them anyway. Throw clothes on the kids, brush teeth all around, and race out the door only to arrive at work 15 minutes late. It has pretty much been like this for two weeks now. Every night I resolve to wake up on time and get out the door on time, but SOMETHING always comes up.

Monday – I stood beating on the sitters door for 15 minutes.

Tuesday – Missed my exit…I was trying to go fast and ended up passing it right by…utter stupidity.

Wednesday (Today) – I actually only got here 5 minutes late and that was because the sitter was telling me all about her plans for next weeks photos with Santa and I wasn’t looking at the clock. (I’m a moron sometimes.)

Anyway, once at work I fill up my monstrous coffee mug add the yummy bits to make it drinkable and walk around the corner to my office. I sit down, exchange some pleasantries with my boss and stare at the black computer screen. I sigh as I click it on and wait for it to boot up.

More like wake up…I only lock it at night.

Like most of the working public I open email first and wait for it to load. I seek to provide whatever information is requested as soon as I am able. Alas…for most of the 7 months I have been at this position, there is nothing pressing. Today I had a Holiday greetings from the Pres., Two commencement notifications, and a payroll thing that I am always copied into even though it has nothing to do with me.

So…I sigh again. Already my ass hurts as I know it will be another day of nothingness.

So, I open the internet. The killer of time. The manipulator of masses. I open my personal email. Delete everything just about everything that is new. Open my Daily Thought from Real Simple magazine.

Today’s quote:

“Constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones of genius.”

Elbert Hubbard

I ponder the inexactitudes of life’s many mistakes. I think about how I got to the point of sitting in this chair for 11 hours a day four a week. Oh – the mistakes MUST be making me a genius about deciding what I really DON’T want out of life.

I read a story from Fast Company about how you shouldn’t dwell in nostalgia and should let the past stay in the past. Here is the link.

I again am contemplating the life choices made and that I sometimes do think about the past too much and remind myself that I shouldn’t. I chose the road of the rebel…now to make something of the life left to live. I have lived. I have had a lot of fun. I regret little and can’t stand that I think I was happy when I was dotting every I and crossing every T of what SOMEONE ELSE thought I should do.

Then I open Facebook. I click “LIKE” a lot. I comment on some status’. I realize that I said something idiotic but too late to delete that thought…so moving right along. I look at funny pictures. I post a status about how bored I am and I check out my two groups, one is the We Blog group and the other is my girls at Girls Talk. We grew up together (sort of) but we all have similar tastes and senses of humor and find that talking about things with each other makes life easier for all. My support group of sorts. I tend to post more than the rest, but that’s because I post all the things I would like to post on my page, on our group wall, because some things my grandmother just won’t find funny, and I have received a reprimand by “The Grown-Ups” for something I have posted on FB before, so it’s just easier for me.

That brings me to a friend who was talking about the books she was reading so I Googled Tucker Max. Let’s just say that I have some friends a lot like Tucker and I saw his movie “I Hope They Serve Beer In HELL.” I remember laughing a lot, and this is the book my friend is reading. So, I browse the page and start reading about his “Roadtrip to Austin.” If you haven’t read anything of Tucker’s I will warn you…bad words, sexual content, extreme situations, jail, drinking in excess, it’s all there…but it is so funny you keep reading. Here is the link to the roadtrip story.

This is my morning. I am living in a virtual world while the actual world is out there screaming at me to come join it, but a girls got to make a paycheck some how.

Oh – I have an interview Friday…so HOPEFULLY I will be living a less virtual life very soon.


3 thoughts on “Boredom, it needs to end

  1. critters and crayons says:

    Good luck! With blogging, it can be pretty consuming. I think I do a lot of living- but, at night, when everyone is asleep- that’s my virtual time. 🙂

  2. mj monaghan says:

    With the puppy getting up in the middle of the night, my post ideas pop in my head and I can’t get them out until I start typing. Keeps me up, but at least there’s that. Good luck with the interview, Megan!

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