Last Post for 2011…probably…possibly…maybe…hmm

I have started this piece about four times on separate days and about completely separate topics. I have wondered through the cosmos of thought on such things as disappointing our parents, what it takes to be a good parent, and on the middle class being that it is currently the smallest class in society.

Who wants to hear about any of those things?! Not me!

Now I am sitting here in the silence of my mother’s living room. I hear the key strokes as I type and the quiet snores of my boys beside me, I am at peace here…but I know it won’t last. The chaos of the Christmas holiday has flowed into this week of the New Year. We are still making the rounds and opening gifts. Today I was supposed to meet up with some friends, but life happens and things got pushed to later, so we had Christmas with my ex husband.

He bought the boys gifts and I even got a toy or two!

We had a good day.

Though…it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I have always heard that the conversation is dead when you start to talk about the weather, but really t-shirts and shorts on December 29, is something to talk about! Being in upstate New York the last two winters has made us forget how lovely it can be in South Texas!

Elijah and Michael playing with the water fountain

Today there was not a drop of rain. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. I felt like it was spring and all I was missing was the floral backdrop!

Today we experienced our first taste of Zilker Park, and we will be back.

Trains, canoes, a playground, pool, sculpture garden and so much more all in one little space. I don’t know why I had never been their before. Best part about it is that it’s all for free! Ok, so the train is not but it’s only $1.75 per person and the pool is not but that’s only $3 per person. I would say that a day of fun for under $5 a person is pretty awesome.

All that followed by Phil’s on Lamar and some Amy’s Ice Cream. It was delish!

All in all we have had a fantastic Christmas.

Tonight we came back to my mom’s, I laid the boys down and I fell fast asleep…only to wake up an hour later…figures.

So I am heeding my sister’s advice this week and taking the week off from posting. Just thought I would let you all know I am still here…just playing and having fun on a short vacation.

I am thinking about New Years Resolutions so this may not be the last post of the year, the we’ll see!

Til then.


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