The Human Project

It’s not often I find people who think like I do. It’s not often that I find a like-minded set of people who are contemplating where we are going as a species. I try to not push you guys on having to contemplate some of the questions that run through my head as I sit here at my desk. Today will be an exception and I hope you will comment below.

My Facebook friend, Natascia Radice is the co-curator of TEDxDubai, and she shared this video on her wall. Natascia and I met when she was trying to track down an old friend of mine, Toni, to do a speech at TEDxDubai. He pretends to not exist…but he does. Anyway, it is from having people like these on the periphery that make me feel like anything I do is not enough. I need to have some sort of impact on human existence to have meaning in my life…but let me leave the selfish reasons out of it…

Watch the video and contemplate the question…Who are we Humans?


This video is short but it gets the message out there.

Who are we? What are we? Who do we want to become?

In 1996, Toni spent several days with my family for Thanksgiving, I was forever changed. Suddenly what I was doing wasn’t enough and what I wanted out of life was completely selfish. You shouldn’t meet men that change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at age 16. I was young, I was impressionable, and I fell madly in love. I think it may have been the hormones though…because I was able to keep myself in check for years. Last time I saw him, circa 2000, he ran in the house gave me the best hug ever…I want to be hugged like that again someday. I was 19 years old and would have left everything if he had just asked me.

Beside the point…what was I talking about…

Who are we humans?

Whether you believe that we evolved from matter over the course of billions of years or were placed here by God in the Garden of Eden, fact is we are at a level of conscientiousness to make a difference.

In either case we are able to exhibit free will.

Throughout history people in power have done things because they felt the inertia of the situation or simply had a warring personality. I think this is the first time in a global society that we have the ability to choose our fate. Whether we morally or ideologically agree with the globalization of politics, economies, or citizens; it’s happening.

It’s now.

There are some who fool themselves into believing that they are a vessel unto themselves, but they are not. We haven’t lived in a society like that in my lifetime. Previously this was a possibility. We were able to leave our homes, make our own choices, live our own lives, and see what happens…but the world just doesn’t work that way anymore.

On present day planet Earth Human decisions effect every other species on the planet. We kill anything we don’t like. We dam up ecosystems and then wonder why we have droughts further down stream. We change the face of the planet and wonder why the planet is trying to change itself.

We create problems where once there were none.

In previous generations there was no real economic crisis like today because people were independent. They had to work for what they had and if they couldn’t make it, fix it, or pay cash for it, they couldn’t have it. Today we buy things that we don’t really need on credit and inflate the worth of a dollar to simply have things that take from the enjoyment of each other.

As a species we were created to love, to care for one another, to visit. We evolved to use speech. We developed brains for critical thinking and the expression of ideas and development of things to further our existence.

We were not made to be stagnant.

We were made to discover.

We were made to experience.

We were made to unify in peace.

What point is there in wars these days? All war is moot because we already know the outcome. We know that eventually it won’t matter which country we are in because we must all work together to bring the “third world” to the “first world.”

Toni works to do this, that is why I should have never met him. He is a bridgebuilder and speaker. He brings hope to third world nations where once there was none. The coffee you buy imported from Central and South America was likely brought to the ship on the backs of donkeys and laborers over one of Toni’s bridges. He has now worked in the Americas, Africa, and Southeast Asia. He has become a member of the global community. He recognized the suffering of a people completely removed from his homeland 25 (almost 26) years ago and sought to find a solution to their problems.

This (I think) is what the Human Project is about. It is about realizing that we are only a small dot on a map in the “first world”…but we can have a major impact on the “third world.” We can take our ideas for improving the lives of millions around the globe.

The caveat is that we must do this in peace. We must do this with countries that may or may not align politically with our ideology. We must do this without expectation of riches or monetary support from anyone.

Naturally you are probably thinking, what about my town? What about the problems that you see in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? That’s the thing…even in the “first world” we have people living in “third world” conditions. In Galveston county, we have homes that were damaged during Hurricane Ike that still need repairs. In New Orleans, there are neighborhoods that are still not torn down from Hurricane Katrina. In Mississippi, there are whole towns that will never be the same because they were hit head on by Katrina.

This is the thing about doing things locally…it will affect the world globally. It’s taking the “Pay it forward” theory into practice. It’s becoming part of the solution instead of lamenting the problem.

We often see all the problems around us, but do not take the time to become the solution.

Who are we Humans? What are we? Where do we want to go?

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Become part of the solution.

Borrowed from Barbie's Images "Loving the Mother II"


5 thoughts on “The Human Project

  1. Angie Haley says:

    The number, 7 billion, is one that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around since the global population surpassed it. It’s all too easy to get lost in a self -focused reality, while struggling in that neverending pursuit of happiness, but I’m glad you remind us to look outside of ourselves. It’s almost impossible to be narrow-minded and self- involved once you realize just how small you really are.

    Impacting local change is always the best place to start, in my book, as well. Learning about and helping your own neighbor will, through chain events, make a global impact.

    • Megan D. says:

      I will try to find the infographic that shows the increase in the human population compared to the decrease in every other species of animals. It’s alarming…realizing that we are stewards on this ship is hard for some. I think it’s possible to utilize modern technology to make the world better as a whole. When we build new cities and towns make them as sustainable as possible – for everyone. Socialist? Maybe, but I tend to think it means I see the bigger picture.

  2. Jeffrey New says:

    I’ve spent a great deal of time wondering where the human race is going as well.
    If you go back a couple of hundred years or more and see the way people used to write, it was beautiful. The way they used to speak and the way they lived their lives was much more productive and structured than it is these days. They were so thankful for the little they had.

    They didn’t have washing machines so it took all day to scrub the laundry by hand. When it was time make breakfast they had to load the wood stove and build a fire. It took all day to get supplies from the general store in town on horseback. We are so
    spoiled these days. We take so much for granted.

    When you see the way young people communicate with each other in email or text
    messages today, you would think that you were reading something written by a severely mentally challenged person. Spelling means nothing to them and being profane and offensive is something that many of them take pride in.

    The most productive and intelligent people of society don’t procreate very much. However, the least productive people in society reproduce like cockroaches. I’m talking about the people who insist on living off of and being dependent on the working class from cradle to grave. I’m not referring to any particular race, I’m simply stating that the people who are the least productive are the people who are reproducing the most.

    I believe in Darwin’s theory of natural and artificial selection.
    I honestly believe that in this current era, the human race is in fact
    evolving backward! Technology marches forward but we as a species are evolving

    Several years back there was a movie about intelligent successful people having
    few kids and trailer trash rednecks were popping out kids left and right. The movie went into the future where everyone evolved into a moron. I don’t remember the name of that movie but I wanted to point out that I didn’t get my idea from there. I started contemplating this many years before that movie came out/

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