TED, Charter for Compassion, and Emerging Dreams

You know that feeling just before you take a leap of faith? Sort of like butterflies in your stomach and nausea and excitement and the thrill of things to come?

I have that.

I am not entirely sure why I have that, but I can feel deep inside that amazing life events are on the horizon. Some how…I am still working on the some how.

You may have noticed my absence, you may not have, but I have been out-of-pocket for a few days. I wasn’t off my computer, just thinking…yikes! dangerous. While I have been away I have been browsing the world (online) and have met some interesting people.

One gentleman is a man in the Ivory Coast and he has a triumphant soul and an amazing story of survival. I will ask him if I can share details or maybe if I can post an interview of sorts. There has also been a lively debate with a man in NYC. Defining the soul as it pertains to evolution/natural selection. This was interesting reading the views of about 20 other people. That’s where the gentleman from the Ivory Coast found me and emailed. (No he didn’t ask for me to cash a check or any hogwash you may be thinking.)

Alas…I have been playing on TED. What is TED? TED is a non-profit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Sharing.” I’m trying to remember when I heard about TED first, but I can not. I know Toni, from The Human Project post, was the one who introduced me to TED. I forgot about the website at one point and Natascia, also from my last post, reminded me of TED’s existence.

That still doesn’t tell you what TED is…if you click on the red TED above you will learn that TED has a series of videos and a massive amount of information about such varied topics it’s hard to explain. I challenge everyone to watch one TED speech a day.

TED = Technology. Entertainment. Design.

Fundamentally TED was supposed to be a new way for others to embrace the change that is coming into our lives through various media outlets. There is a conference called TEDactive that is still the core ideology of the organization.

I however, as ever, enjoy the fringe. The people and groups who utilize the resources available through TED to change the way they see the world. One of the things you are able to do on the website is create a profile, much like facebook, but ever so different. Where on facebook you talk about the mundane, on TED you can share with the world any thoughts you have that might change the planet.

There is a whole portion of the website dedicated to the sharing of ideas. As an idea person the ability to talk to others about the crazy parts is awesome. I am loving the ability to speak and interact with people from different countries. Sitting as I do at my little desk in student services when there are no students on campus can be tiresome. This has kept me interested in staying awake the last few days.

I stumbled onto the jobs page and found my dream job…not that I can get it based on my qualifications, but my dream none the less. It is as the editor of a new website scheduled to launch later this year.


^^ that is the link to the posting if it works.

What is the website (for those who don’t click the link)? I don’t know what the domain will be but it is in regards to the “Charter for Compassion.” A woman named Karen Armstrong won the TED prize for the charter in 2008. Part of the prize is the granting of “One wish to change the world,” and this was her dream. To share the idea of compassion with the world. To get everyone to find the strength of character to make peace. Click on the red charter above to read the manifesto.

I am not sure why exactly I shared this with you all, only that I need to share it with someone. I am excited about the future. I am hopeful of things to come. I know that this year I will find my tribe. A question before I go…should I apply to this position even though I have little chance of actually getting it, simply because I don’t have a degree or paid experience as a “great communicator”?

I hope you will click on over to TED and read the charter…both will change your view of life. Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “TED, Charter for Compassion, and Emerging Dreams

  1. Andra Watkins says:

    Megan, here’s to TED, to changing our corners of the world (and maybe the whole world), and to making a difference this year. My wish for you is that you find everything you seek.

  2. critters and crayons says:

    Good luck with this year- may it be better than the last. TED sounds very interesting- and scarily, like another social media outlet that will occupy more time than I have. haha! Very informative and uplifting-

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