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Today I am at the edge…preparing to fly.

I have steadied my gaze and readied my mind.

Today I am leaping…into the unknown,

I am hoping and praying for each of my boys.

Today I am leaving…the dulldrums are done!

I am running and jumping for joy all alone.

Today I am whole…ever constant in God.

I have thought and I’ve pondered with each little nod.

Today I am happy…He’s answering my prayers.

Can’t you see?!

I have an ending today and a new beginning, just me.

Love, hope, peace, joy, and home

I’m flying

I’m singing

I’m praising the Lord.

~Written by: Meg


It doesn’t rhyme much, but I am not much of a rhyming poet. I have never written a poem for you all, so I thought I would change that up today.

Today is my last day at the most boring job ever. I will miss it. I will miss the freedom of hours upon hours of time to think and to write. I have spent the last seven months plugging away at this little blog, and joining blog groups and reading wonderful blogs. I have made some fabulous bloggy friends and I can’t wait to see what is next.

I feel like I am jumping of a cliff, but instead of falling into the depths below, I feel I am soaring high above in the clouds. Like an eagle or pheonix, graceful in their flight. Giant wings spread, looking around, I see the world below and my home on a rock. Back to the Llano Estacado with me…a giant rock in the middle of Texas.

I’m hoping for the excitement that I am sure is to come…the butterflies in my belly tell me it’s there. Waiting and coming when the time is just right.

I rest in the hands of God, His will for me is all I can do. I pray ceaselessly to hear the right voice. Discerning His choice for me and my life is not easy. I wonder if He offers me things here where I am to tempt me to stay somewhere I have known so much pain.

There was a sermon at church last Sunday that said you won’t grow if you don’t allow yourself to root. What if your roots were transplaneted and they want to go home? I can fully understand what the pastor was saying, but some trees died when they are transplanted. I know I have not been what I could be in the last ten years here in this place. I have longed for home since the day I got here, and kicked myself everytime I haven’t moved back when I had the chance.

Sometimes a chance is nothing more than a whisper…sometimes these chances are solid in form and life. I can’t wait. I am excited. I am ready to take flight.

I am ready to get back on track, to swoop and to soar to the highest of lifes.

What are you doing for yourself in this year’s fearless challenge? Are you challenging yourself to live the highest life possible? Creating change for yourself? Or simply creating!?

“Create yourself a great day!”


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