One to Watch: Miss Respresentation

There is a debate rising about women’s rights. Our rights to choice, our bodies, our professional lives. Ask any women’s rights activist and they will give you the run down.

Am I a women’s rights activist?

I would say no.

I am a human rights activist. I think that there are certain rights that we should all have. Let’s not pit the genders against each other. That makes everything in life harder. We are fighting against ourselves.

What is the point in it?

You might then be thinking…what is the point in a film like Miss Representation?

Similar to the SOPA/PIPA/ACTA protests throughout the web, we must reach a point where we force the mass media to listen to us. They are trying to shock us and get our attention, when really all they do is alienate a majority of the population.

I don’t want to watch anything on MTV. Growing up, when it was actually Music Television, I loved it. It was my favorite channel. Now it shows little to no music, and Snooki can be seen getting drunk daily. Likewise, A&E, Arts and Entertainment Television…there are few arts and entertainment shows on this channel anymore, and I think that is sad. A&E was my channel when it wasn’t on MTV because of the high quality films, movies, and documentaries. I could watch Jane Austen, catch a documentary on Mozart, and see films on the theory of evolution.

When did the entertainment get drained from our televisions? You can no longer escape the trials of the day by turning the tube on.

I see the violence, the sexuality, the endless streams of images that even ten years ago didn’t exist.

What do we gain by this?

Are we a better species? What is all the vulgarity teaching the future generations?

I won’t know the details of the documentary Miss Representation until March 8th at 7 pm…and then maybe not until it is over at 9. I do expect however to gain a plethora of knowledge that will allow me a better understanding of how I can effect change.

Become a more positive influence.

Educate my children and their cousins, if nothing else.

Would you like to attend a screening of Miss Respresentation?

Please follow this link and explore.

Miss Respresentation

Explore Women’s Rights HERE

Explore Human Rights HERE

Also, we are in the midst of Black March. What is Black March? It is the attempts of the rest of the media to have an effect on the media monsters. Please read the below and decide for yourself if you would like to participate or not. Oops…I bought a few books…but I’ve been reading a lot lately.


One thought on “One to Watch: Miss Respresentation

  1. That one girl says:

    MTV, A&E, TLC, History Channel, — PBS is even becoming another channel with media focused aiming to dumb down the population. It’s one of the primary reasons why I DON’T watch TV. It’s all the same and it’s all designed to kill brain cells.

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