Why don’t you run for office?

In 1982, there was a film called, The Verdict, I had never heard of it until today. However, thanks to John Cusack’s Twitter feed, I saw the Courtroom summation scene.

This speech really sums up how many American’s feel this week.

The quiet desperation in Paul Newman’s voice, the hopeful ending, and the knowledge that the Jury was the law. They had legal books for guidance, but the jury really was the law. The people are the law.

America is at an impasse. Our democratic government is broken and there is only one way to fix it. We must remember that we are the government. The top only functions as well as the rest. The people are the law.

What is a democracy?

 A democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally – either directly or through elected representatives – in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic, and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

This means that our government is us…we elect people. We create the machine. We can now recreate the machine. The people are the law and the people are the law makers.

What are the requirements to becoming an elected official?

Depending on the office you have to be 21 to 30 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of the location you will represent. Also depending on state and location you must have lived there a certain number of years.

That is it. You do not need a fancy degree. You don’t need any degree. You don’t need to belong to some secret society. You just need to raise enough votes for the office you seek.

How do you get those votes?

You go door to door if you have to, but you also hold rallies, make public appearances, you get to know the people you are going to represent.

Better yet, be one of the people you represent.

I posed the question to my Facebook friends yesterday on what they think should be the requirements of getting elected.

The replies:

1)      Be from a lower income. – If you have never been poor you have no idea how hard it is and you can’t vote from that perspective. No amount of empathy can make you understand poverty. Why? We each have our own version of poverty. Some people see it as a single mom living in a slum, others see it as the people in foreign countries on Unicef commercials. If you are going to represent the people you should be part of the 99%.

2)      They don’t want to run for office. – People who crave power are a troublesome bunch. They could be anyone and they are everywhere. People who crave power should not be public servants. The key that politicians seem to keep forgetting is that they are in service to their districts, states, and country. If you crave power go do something else.

3)      They should never have held the office that they are seeking in the previous ten years. – As a resident of Texas whose politicians rarely change I agree with this thought wholeheartedly. It keeps the law from stagnation.

4)      They cannot have been employed by any organization that lobbies the position that they are seeking. – This one is harder to do because some people work in Oil and Gas for the pay check, but are quite against it just the same. It’s a hypocritical part of life, but it does happen.

5)      They should have been in Military Service – If you haven’t worn the uniform you shouldn’t be able to dictate to the uniform. These men and women are willing to selflessly die every day for our selfish society if you want to give them orders to walk into battle you better have tested yourself on the battlefield.

I would add that they need to be younger, they should advocate for our Constitutional Rights, believe in a truly free state, and not be scared to stand up for the Truth.

My candidate would also have made bad choices, but learned from the mistakes. If you never mess up you have never lived and I wouldn’t want that for the person that represents me. I mess up. Life is a messy, dirty, glorious event. My candidate would need to be anything but squeaky clean.

As a people we get tired of the posturing that happens daily in each political body in our nation. We resign our fate to the hands of the ruling class. We either neglect or forget that each November we have the ability to make a revolution. We just have to get to the polls to vote. You not only need to register, but you need to show up to vote. In the last national election less than a third of the population voted, but I know at least two-thirds have complained about the decisions made ever since.

This week there have been a lot of opinions floating around the web, but I think this is clear – We have had it and we are angry.

Register to Vote at: Our Time

This from Upworthy via Our Time is amazing and says more than I could say about Americans and voting.


Courtesy of Google Images - If it's yours - Let me know!

Courtesy of Google Images – If it’s yours – Let me know!


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