A Poem : Cold

The cold bites my exposed skin.
Through the holes in my pushed up sleeve
I smile through the pain,
Looking for the warmth of flame.
Cold and shattered I pretend
Laugh while inside I cry.
Eyes always on the edge of tears,
Veils and masks hide the fears.
It’s easy to figure out this life
“I know you can do it, you always do.”
Survive, Arrive, Follow all the rules
That’s not what I want to hear
When I scream.
Shouting, Fighting, Praying for relief
God! Why do we live so exposed!?
Why do our hearts tremble in the cold?
Why can’t every life be easy and warm?
When will I break free from this storm?
Their eyes rejuvenate me,
Beautiful blue pools
That anchor me
Make me see, make me hear
God replying to every prayer.
The sun peaks through the clouds
Wrapping me in Angelic warmth.

Because of them I know God


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