“We are Stardust”

I know I am not the only one who believes in my right to speak my mind and not agree, but some speakers with bigger world views than mine bring my mind to focus.

On a cold cool night in a place outside the city I can be reminded of my space when I lay down in an open space and gaze up at the cosmos. For a few brief moments your breath is caught in your throat and you are humbled by the vastness that is before you. Billions of tiny dots a trails of dust light up the night sky, and for a moment I remember that I am on one of the smallest dots.

If someone were looking back at my sun – they probably wouldn’t see me.


When I consider this truth I wonder why we go to war. I wonder why we have to work so hard to pay someone money that thy world provides for free if we just let her do her job and stop trying to change her. It is difficult to perceive why we have allowed this to happen. As you will see in the video below all the history we have ever known, all the blood that has been spilt, all the violence that we have seen all in the name of what? For something that may or may not be true on a bit of dust the size of our planet.

I would love for you to take a drive out in the country on a clear night and lay down under the stars and just remember how tiny we really are and how non-existent any perceived problem really is…it’s only a problem because we let it.

I think this may have posted the whole playlist, but for the perspective I was looking at scroll to the end and watch the 11th video.

If you have more time than that, please watch them all. You will not regret it.


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