A little about me


If you have found me here I hope you will take some time to poke around. I have some interesting stuff and some neurotic stuff and some stuff that probably shouldn’t be shared online! But this is me. I write when I like, I don’t edit much, and I prefer to analyse.

Some would say I think a lil’ different, and “they” would probably be right.

A couple of years ago I set out to write about me, my family, and my life, but (as we do) things grow. I have grown more than I care to admit as I have shared with you all. I no longer feel as I did about my ex-husband…browse you’ll find that anger. I no longer seek to find myself. I no longer struggle for meaning in all that occurs because I realize that it’s not the meaning that matters, but the journey.

What do you do when you have finally figured yourself out?

You share.

Share yourself.

Share your ideas.

Share your inspiration and hope.

I hope that you find hope here, as well as happiness, joy, courage, and passion.

I have been told not to pursue passion it’s not what creates life. But passion, courage, joy, hope, and happiness are all you need to create anything.

How you find this place in your life it is different for each person. How long it takes you to look within yourself to be whole is undeterminable. You won’t find you easily.

You won’t find peace without struggle.

You won’t find love without loving yourself.

Anyway, browse, enjoy, laugh, learn and come back anytime.



9 thoughts on “A little about me

      • Riot.Jane says:

        Personal troubles kept me from being in the correct headspace to blog or keep up with the blogs or FBs of others ….. Better now, and back to it. 🙂

        I did find out that there was some resentment abt my having “taken over” TJP. I really hadn’t meant to, but I’m pretty over-the-top in everything I do. As a result, I didn’t think that trying to resurrect TJP was appropriate. Instead, I made a new WordPress home and imported all my old posts.

        You’re still blogging, good for you! I haven’t caught up yet, but I hope you’ve been doing well yourself 🙂

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