My Response to The Response

There was an event about two weeks ago in Houston called The Response.

Maybe you heard about it? (wink, wink)

I was bashed by some of my friends for attending this event. It was nationally advertised, hate group sponsored and riddled with tea partying conservatives!

How could I go?!

I find that sitting on the sidelines in celebrations of faith lackluster and rude. I am not calling everyone who bashed me rude, but to verbally assault an individual for having enough hutzpah to go and listen to what the event planners had to say before passing judgement is rude.

I think I have said it before, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

I live by that.

I have live by this rule because if you judge everything at face value you won’t have much of anything. People, their faith, and their purpose is never evident on the surface. The face displayed for show and the other for reality are not the same.

The Response was a prayer meeting. A big prayer meeting, but not nearly as big a prayer meeting as the one that occurs every Sunday at Lakewood. (You know – that massive church around the bend on 59 or maybe you have heard of it’s pastor, Joel)

The Response was a time for Christians to gather in praise and worship. Something done every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and various other times of the week at churchs across the nation. (Yet we do not have the public outcry that occured in the days before this event.)

The Response was a call for men and women to gather and express their faith. As I have said in a previous blog, this should have been an interfaith event, but it wasn’t, there was a purpose in that. (Although by having this as a Christian only event you alienate a good portion of your population and cause the press to run wild with their ideas of what the event would be.)

I guess in the end I enjoyed The Response (one crazed anti-abortionist aside) and I am glad I was able to attend a meeting of Christian individuals to sing and pray. I listened to a few speakers and only saw Perry once. I didn’t see him speak and I don’t care. I didn’t go to see him. He may have been the only person with the balls to sit in a public platform and say this is what I believe. That is why he was “the face” for the event.

Whether you believe as Perry does, you know that took balls. He could make or break his political career on that move. (That’s another story.)

I enjoy politics, religion, and this event was right up my alley. I had to go. It was a compulsion. To see politicians stand up for their beliefs instead of hide them in the shadows is a change. For far too long we have seen politicians have one face for the public and one face for the floor.

Imagine where we would be (or who would be in power) if they were the same.

Love, blessings, and prayers to you.


Short RANT – The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis

Here is my problem…I am a part of the Human Rights Campaign group on FB. I saw a post this morning that has me going, so instead of just replying to all the haters on the comments on FB I thought I would put this down to the blog, so that anyone who would like can read and post a comment.

This is my problem, and like the HRC I feel that the call to prayer SHOULD NOT be sponsored by any organization that does not support the rights of EVERY human REGARDLESS OF RELIGION, NATIONALITY, SEXUALITY, AND SO ON AND SO FORTH, SO HELP ME GOD! So, of all these comments today this is what I have gathered.

1) Rick Perry is a Christian bigot who deserves no less than the electric chair for having a strong faith in God and wanting to visually express his right to hold a prayer meeting sponsered by the American Family Association.

2) All Christians are idiots for having a belief in God.

3) The separation of church and state, ie the CONSTITUTION is being completely ignored.

4) That this is PURELY and ONLY a CHRISTIAN event.

In response…

1) Rick Perry is a strong Christian. I appluad him that fact, there are not many politicians who are so public with their beliefs. I like him. I don’t think he is an idiot and I especially don’t like that the people in this state would like to see him baked alive for expressing his faith. We need more politicians with a fundamental belief in love, hope, and peace.

Do I like all of his policies? No, some of the most recent passages in the TX legislature are going to bite them in the ass, but I didn’t run for a seat and I didn’t vote or protest their passage. Someone is going to die because they are going to allow students to walk around my campus (I work on a college campus) with a handgun in the pants. That is F-ing stupid no matter which way you look at it.

I have heard Perry speak and I have met his family, and they are good wholesome people who yes are strictly conservative and don’t believe in equal rights for all people. That is a fact. I don’t think they would be a Safe Zone ally with me. But We need to REACH OUT to Perry and to the other governors and tell them that it is NOT OKAY TO HAVE A FREAKISH GROUP LIKE THE AFA sponsering the prayer day. That does nothing to bring the nation together and only stands to prove that they DO NOT WANT EQUAL RIGHTS for all their citizens.

2) If you read other posts in my blog you will see that I am a Christian and I think that a healthy belief in God is fundamental for existence. I know that I am a better person for it and that the void that existed before that I tried to fill with all manner of substances was only filled by God. Try God he will do all the work for you, you just have to show up.

3) I do not believe that just because he is a politician we have to say that he can not have a public request for a prayer meeting. This does not mean that it will be held in the capital in Austin. It won’t even be held on public grounds unless they are rented. As much as he is a public figure he is a private citizen and can and will invite as many people as are able to join him. It is part of being an evangelical christian. Their ultimate pursuit is to bring people to Jesus. Perry has a nation wrapped around the idea that he might run for President, you don’t think he would use that to find followers for God, you better believe it.

4) A CALL TO PRAYER FOR A NATION IN CRISIS. What about that says that this is a CHRISTIAN PRAYER DAY!?? What the hell? This is not a strictly Christian event simply because Perry is a Christian and he is the one sending out the request. We need to have the leaders from the other religions tell him that they would like to be involved if you truly want to be an activist for peace. We can’t sign this petition for the removal of the sponsors and not offer a solution to the problem. We must absolutely MUST respond in the way of peace and offer of hand. We must tell them that it is unacceptable to have anti(anyone) groups sponser a public event and that to make it appear to be an event solely for the Christians in the community is out of the question.

In short, a prayer is a fight of all people regardless of who they are, and we all must pursue peace and not demonstrate violence against anyone and speak the peace we seek for the world. No one else will fix our problems, only those who want to.