God Meets You Where You Let Him.

I have had my share of trials recently. I would say more than my fair share, but God does not give us more than we can handle, right? So here is a brief testament to his timing in these trials.

Yesterday I went to church with the wild pentacostals. I don’t think I can ever be wild like that but perhaps some day. We worshiped and prayed and we heard a blessed message on how when we walk by faith we are not walking on our own strength, but on God’s. Which was appropriate considering the trials I have faced. The minister that was sharing with us said to come back Sunday night for a special message. I am not usually their on Sunday evenings, but I thought I would go, I needed all the encouragement I could get at the moment.

After church I went to Kroger. I got $10 in gas and used my 20 cent discount to get as much gas as possible. Then I went into Kroger and bought one gallon of milk, one package of diapers, one bottle of dish soap and a 4 stick thing of margerine. I had bananas in the basket also because the boys love bananas. Well, I put the things that I had to have through the cash register and since I didn’t need the bananas they stayed behind. It amounted to $11.46. (I didn’t think I had that much) But I fed the bills in one at a time, $8. Fed in the change…$1.78 and then slid my debit card. Whew! It covered the cost! I checked my balance this morning I have 46 cents remaining on it. (Thank God for miracles)

It was thunderstorming and fabulous (yes fabulous – I love thunder) by the time we got home, so we ate lunch and I laid the boys down for a nap. I had been having a flowing conversation with God for days now in regard to my finances and I was bushed. So I laid down too. I don’t remember a day when I had a better nap. We all woke up around 4. The boys played while I took the chicken out of the oven and made the rest of the sides to go with dinner. Then we changed, got in the car and went back to church to hear this special message.

This time it was on “God meets you where you let him and heals you from where ever you are.” There were wonderful stories and I thought of Pat and her story of Dave’s birth (Something I will ask permission to share another time) and I thought of myself and how hard I was trying. I said even more prayers and sought peace. About half way through the service peace overwhelmed me, and I didn’t know why. But for the first time all day I felt warmth exude from my soul and envelope me in a warm fuzzy blanket. It was lovely. As one point Michael got a little fussy and one of the older ladies whisked him away. I got to listen to the message. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed to hear. We had a line across the front at the end of the service and we all prayed for healing. It was interactive. 🙂

After service I was waiting because the pastor told me not to leave until one of our deacons was able to bring me some food. Since the deacon was busy I waited and talked to people and hid in the corner from the sun. It was blindingly bright last night as it set on the horizon. They had a little meeting because our pastor were leaving today to go be with his father. He is 86 and dying and has not had his come to Jesus moment. (If you are a praying person say a prayer for that. So that he can meet his maker in peace and have peace for all the days of eternity.)

Their little meeting broke and the pastor once again called me to the side. The handed me a check for $100. He knew I was struggling to make ends meet, but he had no idea that I had in fact put the last $10 in my gas tank that afternoon. I find it shamefull to be in my present position and don’t tell people how much I struggle. It doesn’t make for plesant conversation…seriously it’s depressing. I know I am not the only one here, but I find it best to encourage and assist where ever I can.

But as he handed it to me I could do nothing but burst into tears. I have read about it, but never actually bursted into tears before. So much so that before I could rejoin the people leaving church I had to go wipe my eyes and say prayers of thanks and I don’t know if I hugged the pastor. I hope I did. I am not a hugger, but I am learning. Relief washed over me. It was such a blessing. They are such a blessing.

So, I guess what I am trying to tell you is to pray, live by His rules, and keep faith in the forefront of your walk. I am not saying that money will rain down like manna from heaven, but I am saying that no matter where you go God will meet you where you put him and will be there in His time.

Love and blessings friends!


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