As I walk through life I often wonder if I am on the road to happiness and success; limitless enjoyment of self and family.

And as I type this to you I have to say…yes.

Life is about learning to let go and let God.

Life is about accepting what others say, whether it’s true or not, and taking the high road and not saying anything. As people, we have our own opinions and our own views, and normally they are not the same.

Life is about accepting change. Who was it that said the only thing constant is change??? That is a paraphrase, but I am sure you’ve heard it before.

Life is about growing. Not just out and up, but from the inside. Growing in compassion and empathy. Learning that ignorance, racism, and intolerance are not of nature. They are not evident in any species but people.

Life is about not assuming anything. NEVER assume. ALWAYS ask.

Life is about accepting your responsibilities. If you have kids, raise them. If you have a house, take care of it. If you have a family, do your best for them. If you have friends, cherish the relationships. Work at your responsibilities every day. People may come along to help you, but ultimately they are yours.

Life is about hard work. No one said paying the bills would be easy or that you wouldn’t have to sweat a little to get the job done. It’s simply not reality.

Life is about being…being present, being willing, being helpful, being generous, being kind, being fulfilled, just being.

Blessings friends!


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